The Ross and Rachel Thread (possible spoilers)

Okay… the end of the line for any resolution of the Ross & Rachel question is nigh.

What will it be?

Anyone following the trends? Have some insider insight? Or just fan theories?
Also, what was your fave R&R moment? Mine was the Prom Night Movie episode.
Quite frankly, I wold love to see them decide to be together. They don’t have to get married or anything, just make the descision to do so.

Yeah, yeah, it’s just a show. But it’s been a pretty good run over all. I enjoyed the first three seasons the most.

I really hope they don’t run off to paris together. It would destroy the whole “can’t move to england with emily cause of ben” reasoning they had going on a few seasons back.

My fave ross-rachel bit was probably her pregnancy when he stopped dating just to make his hormone-crazed ex-gf happy.

I also liked “The one that could have been” where they showed the alternate paths in their lives and ross and rachel both end up with wrecked marriages, bonding as if they were meant to be no matter what.

To quote Phoebe, “He’s her lobster!”

I say that whenever this subject comes up around the house, as I live with people who think Rachel and Joey should be together, and that Ross is a total doofus.

Sure, he is a doofus, but not a total one. So am I, and I guess that’s why I identify with the guy. And it goes without saying that I’d love to end up with Jennifer Aniston, so I suppose that’s why I hope Ross gets Rachel.

By the way, I also side with Ross on the “We were on a break!” thing.

Watching tonight’s new show right now…

[spoiler]OH. MY. GAWD!

I was wondering how Janice was going to fit back in to the story.[/spoiler]

That was a great scene on Rachel’s flight to England when that proper gentleman told Rachel, “You’re a horrible person! […] And I agree with Ross. You were on a break.”

I vote murder/suicide pact.


Only took four posts to get a snarky homicide comment. I was betting on two.
Personally, I hope she goes and that Ross stays in New York. I like the idea of them just splitting up and going their own way, with Monica and Chandler in New York State, Phoebe with Mike, Rachel in Paris, Ross staying in the city, and Joey doing whatever it is he’s going to do in his spin-off next year. Keeping everyone together would just be too schmaltzy
My favorite moment would be when Rachel sees the tape of her prom night when Ross intends to take her out when her date bails on her. Her reaction to it was just so sweet.

I think Ross and Rachel should end up alone, but will end up together. “Should” because things just don’t work out in life sometimes. “Will” because there just has to be a Happy Hollywood Ending.

And because she’s his lobster (also my favorite R&R episode).

I’m hoping that Ross’s former wife goes through a faith based sex education program, renounces lesbianism, reconciles with Ross for the sake of their child and Ross abandons Rachel and the baby for his former wife (who now knows a bunch of fun new techniques) and his son . Rachel having double timed too many employers once too often finds herself unemployable in the fashion world is confronted with choices. She can flee to her father with her baby in her arms and spend the rest of her life as everybody’s crazy aunt who was really something in her salad days. In the alternative she can go back to her old job at the coffee house and shack up with Gunther. I’m rooting for Gunther. Gunther deserves some happiness.

“You’re no Ross and Rachel”
“Dr. Ross and Rachel from accounting”

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Best Ross and Rachel moment in TV history.

Yeah, I saw that, too. Laughed my ass off.

The must get together. I didn’t watch this show from episode one to not get my happy Hollywood ending!

My favorite R&R episode was the one at the beach house. Where Rachel writes the 5 page letter “back and front!” that Ross doesn’t read. My second favorite is the one where the get married in Vegas.

I don’t understand what you mean; Paris isn’t in England.

Gah; forget I said that. :o

It was 18 pages. Front and back. Plus she doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

My favorite R&R episode was the one where Rachel found out about Ross and what he did on their “break.” With the rest of the friends trapped in Monica’s bedroom, the intensity of their break up just gets me every time.

I also loved Chandler and Monica’s proposal episode.

It will be interesting to see how they wrap up Ross and Rachel. She really wants to move to Paris and advance in her career, and Ross understands. I feel sorry for Emma, not being able to see her daddy on a regular basis. Ben too, for that matter. And how come Ben hasn’t met his baby sister yet?

Me, three!

The whole Friends cast & crew has been saying that there will be no Seinfeld ending. This to me means that R&R wind up together. But I agree that they can’t move to Paris, unless they can somehow take Ben along. Of course, we haven’t heard Ben mentioned since Emma came along, so maybe that’s no longer an issue. The show is hardly know for its consistencies.

It depends on which Ross. Ross of Seasons 1 and 2 was a doofus, but he was a lovable doofus. He was, to quote Linus, the Charlie Browniest. Well-meaning, good-hearted, but never quite able to kick that football. In Seasons 1 and 2, I think the consensus was that Ross was, if anything, too good for Rachel.

At some point, I think around Season 4, the writers decided that they would alter the character of Ross to suit whatever lame gag they had going on that week. His “rage” thing was the start of it, and it just kind of spiralled downwards from there, though occasionally they did remind us that Ross was a good guy at heart. I think as the series started to reorient itself around Monica and Chandler, Ross became a side gag, and we rooted for him less. There were times when Rachel seemed too good for Ross, and the idea that they had ever been a couple seemed implausible.

Frankly, I now find myself wishing more often that somehow Chandler would get back with Janice than caring about what Ross and Rachel do. They have shown repeatedly that R&R are absolutely incompatible as a couple and any attempt by the characters to have a permanent union would probably just emotionally scar Ben and Emma.

And I have to ask, when a few episodes back, Rachel told Ross “between us, sex is never off the table,” did anyone else have the sudden urge to gouge out their own eyes and ears?