The Rules of Engagement

Remember all those times we said, “hey, why don’t you take that outside?” Well, here’s where you go. <g>

No, really. This is where you go for all those verbal fistfights. When a thread veers from debate and/or discussion into personal attack, sneering insults, and “Yo Mommas,” y’all should step outside to this thread.

Remember, although AOL’s Terms of Service do not usually apply and we will give you SOME latitude, this is no back alley and you will be expected to be if not civil at least semi-reasonable. Pure evil and/or rants won’t fly – unless they’re really entertaining.

Oh, and give me five minutes to sell some tickets, okay?

your humble TubaDiva

It depends, TUBADIVA…on where those tickets wil lead me to!

Got those asbestos lined metal undies all ready girl?

This way to the egress. <g>

your humble TubaDiva
Pay no attention to that Diva behind the curtain!

Wanna see?

your humble TubaDiva
Hey, no crowding!

Can we use profanity here?

Ah, but what about those of us unhindered by AOL and its Terms Of Servitude? <g> Far as I know, my provider doesn’t much care what I do as long as I don’t jam up a server. But, I’ll be good. Unless those in power would like me to be bad.

Opal wondered:

Do you have to?

Ranger Jeff
The Idol of American Youth

Well, I don’t HAVE TO but sometimes it makes sense to. When quoting a source that has profanity, or when discussing something which refers to profanity, or sometimes the situation just calls for it.

“Cluemobile? You’ve got a pickup…”
The Teeming Millions Homepage:

If anybody thinks it’s necessary to use any curse words or not doesn’t make a difference to me, but that doesn’t mean that EVERY post has to have cursing it in… it’s all a matter of context.

What the hell do you mean by that?

Okay, just being funny, really. (I originally wrote “what the fuck do you mean by that,” but that’s a bit much, don’t you think?)


All things in moderation . . . all in perspective . . . what’s appropriate for the situation?

We’re adults here (mostly), we have command of the English language, what’s suitable?

your humble TubaDiva, dammit

yay! I think I will spend most of my time here in the BBQ Pit, at least until George and Bob take over.

In addition to the “Bodily Functions” folder, we need a “Teenage Heartbreak and Angst” folder, so I can avoid that, too.

A special thread just for me? Why, I’m happier than a pig in shit!

** Phil D. **
“There isn’t time to tell you all that you need to know.” – Jon Auer

I’d spend time here, if #*%#(!)^ shows up. . .


Hey! There must by some sort of RoboCensor thing going on here. Up there where I typed #*%#(!)^'s AOL screen name, it got all weird!


[[ Hey! There must by some sort of RoboCensor thing going on here. Up there where I typed #*%#(!)^'s AOL screen name, it got all weird!]]

Rich, you’re such a %&#@$.

Oh got to %$#@!~ you guys.


I missed you guys.

BTW, where ARE George and Bob? I keep expecting George to pop up, since that odd Welfy song.


Kyla asked:

I’m not sure why Bob hasn’t made it since he’s only fighting with George, daily, and Rhyannann about one post every two days. George on the other hand has six separate threads devoted to enlightening or overwhelming Bob and Jwb (along with anyone else who trips into the melee). He is also making guest appearnces in other threads. He’ll probably be over later–or when they pull the SDMB out from under him.


Ptereydactylil thus spake:

Absolutely! No disrespect meant to our resident teens since they are collectively and singly amazingly wonderful as far as teens go, but really, I’ve been through high school already and I have no desire to repeat the experience. Especially all the who kissed whom and why they did so speculation.