The SDMB Chess Game

People have been playing chess by mail for ages. The other night, I was thinking, hey, why not chess by message board? I’m sure we have enough nerds here to make it work. We’ll need a few house rules to account for the unusual format:
[ul][li]Any player may join in, but may only move for one side or the other[/li][li]To help clear up confusion that might result from simulposts, please specify what color you’re moving for with each move[/li][li]In the event of a simulpost, the first valid move posted will be considered official[/li][li]Offers to concede must stand unchallanged for twelve hours or more to be valid[/li][li]Feel free to use a computer to keep track of the board, but you’re on the honor system to not use it for making decisions[/ul][/li]Moves should be presented in some unambiguous format, such as the piece and the square it’s moving to, or piece and the square it’s moving from and to. I’ll post the current position periodically. Currently, it’s

*R n B Q K B n R*  8
*p p p p p p p p*  7
  _   _   _   _  6
_   _   _   _    5
  _   _   _   _  4
_   _   _   _    3
p p p p p p p p  2
R n B Q K B n R  1

a b c d e f g h

(black pieces are italicized; black squares are underlined)

I’ll start with White: p-d4
Someone jump in to move for Black

(Black at the top of the screen)

Black: p-d6

white: p-e3

Black: Knight -F6

white 3. p-c4

(you may want to number the moves to avoid confusion)

black 3. p-e5

White 4. n-f3
Good point about the numbering, glee

Black 4: p-e4

You may also like to avoid simulposts;)

Was I the only one that read this as the “SDMB Cheese Game”?


Yes. The only one. Sorry to have to break it you.


White 5 N (f3) -d2

because both White knights can go to d2.

I used to work for the British Chess Federation.
We got letters addressed to:

British Jazz Federation
British Chest Federation
British Cess Federation
and (really!)
British Cheese Federation

black 5. pd5
Blessed are the chessmakers

Chronos - Forgot to mention, Great idea !

glee - Now you tell us !

ps. I’m away most of today and the weekend - have fun

  1. p on c4 takes d5

Of course the British Cess Federation belongs in the Pit…

6 …Qxd5

7 White B-c4

Current position (Black to move)

*R n B _ K B   R*  8
*p p p   _ p p p*  7
  _   _   *n*   _  6
_   _ *Q* _   _    5
  _ B p *p* _   _  4
_   _   p   _    3
p p   n   p p p  2
R n B Q K   _ R  1

a b c d e f g h

And London_Calling, it’s not to be taken literally. It obviously refers to manufacturers of all processed strategy game products.

7 Black Q-f5

j’adoube :smiley:

  1. N-c3

black 8: p-c6