The secret identity of loverock is revealed!!!

And the winner is…

Contestant #3!

ok, but who is donny???

I wonder if Contestant #3 is Optamistic about being able to fool people with more names?


How do you know this?

President of the Vernon Dent fan club.

Please educate me on this.

I see different email addresses when I call up loverock and C#3.

does it seem odd that C#3 would leave the email address visible? He’s very familiar with this system.

Sweet, E

I am not no contentent %3 of 4 or nothin the oily game i ply the gam of looooooovvvvveeee cum get a peice of the rock!!!

You also aren’t the same kid you were in the other posts. You have switched to a different vernacular. By the way, if you’re going to deliberately misspell things, at least be consistent with it (gam -> gam)e in a single sentence. SHEESH.

Sweet, E

jesus h christ, you are a fucking pain in the ass…I swear, giving birth was preferable to conversing with you ya freak!

loverock, not sweet :o

H means haploid right?

???what does haploid mean?
I always thought it stood for ‘H’, like Homer J Simpson


We’re all banging away at our computers, I pressed submit before you did. I know you were talking to lr.


Haploid: half the normal number of chromosomes. You know, like you have only a single parent.

My father is a biology professor. It’s an old, old biology department joke.

Oops! I may have made a huge mistake!

Here’s the deal: On another thread, aseymayo pointed out a distictive idiom in one of loverocks posts; “What’s the dealio?” (or as loverock says, “Wazt the dily o?”)

I did a search of the entire history of this board and only found one poster that uses this expression. That was enough evidence for an accusation but not really conclusive proof.

I then checked loverock’s profile and made note of his email adress. I then clicked on C#3’s profile and saw the same address.

I was so excited over this discovery, that I immediately posted my conclusion.

Here’s the problem: When I click on a profile, my browser has a habit of directing me back to the last profile I looked at. The current profile is behind that page. I can’t be sure if I looked at anything but the address when I did the comparison.

Where does this leave us:

(Well, it leaves me looking like an idiot)

  1. Maybe the use of “dealio” by only C#3 and loverock is just a coincidence and I screwed up the email comparison.

2)Maybe loverock and C#3 did have the same address until C#3 saw that we were onto him and he changed it.

  1. Maybe, no, not maybe, CERTAINLY, C#3 is laughing his head off right now regardless of what the truth is.

In my experience, stupidity doesn’t have to be consistent. Some of you seem a little paranoid about this kid.

So, C#3, are you gonna defend yourself, or do we get a confession?

Your Quadell

papabear, I have a fairly photographic memory, and while I wouldnt risk my life on this, I am quite certain the shitheads profile has not changed.
hugs anyway :frowning:

ps thanks sweet…(wiping my brow)“WHeew!”

I must share this.

Afer reading PapaBears post, and viewing C#3 Occupation “Shock Jock,” I wondered if he actually had a show about contestant #3. I did a search in yahoo for “contestant 3,” and here’s the first url that came up:

It just one of those coincidences I guess.

Sweet, E


My vote is for C#3. Have you guys noticed that C3 hasn’t replied to any of loverock’s posts?

no im not noe of u im just LOOOVVVVEEEE RROOOCCKKK just me! keli y do u call me suhc natsy nams i thiknn u neeed sum LLOOVEROCCK