The secret MMP

It’s now October & I’ve got lots of secrets this month. Though many of them won’t be secrets for much longer. Oh no, I won’t spill the beans, I’m good at keeping secrets; are you? Someone else, a cow-orker, is going to let it out for the world to know. The term for what they’re going to do is called, “Press Release”. Some of the secrets are material non-public information; if I told you & you acted on it, we’d both be subject to prosecution for insider trading (new product, quarterly financials, M&A activity, etc.)
Pre-hijack questions:
Are you good at keeping secrets?
Do you currently have any? Yes or no is an acceptable answer; details not necessary.

Not telling :stuck_out_tongue:
Start of another exciting day of doing not much here; I may go to the allotment, if I get round to it. That’s about it.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 72 Amurrkin out and clear (OK, dark) with a predicted high of 89 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. We are apparently in the midst of second early Summer. On the plus side, it’s not nearly as hyoooooomid. Today is spiff da cave day. Rah. We shall sup upon ham steak, baby lima beans, baked sweet N.O.T., and rolls. Oh and I get to refill meds. The excitatement never ends!

I have no secrets. My life is an open book. What you see is what it is. Spidey I gather big plans and/or changes are afoot in the irkplace. That can be good or bad. We shall hope for the good.

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then, onward into the day. Double rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any secrets.
I am up, caffeinated, and sheveled. And on my way to an undisclosed location.

Of course I can keep secrets! I’ve had multiple security clearances throughout my career. On the other hand, the sort of classified information I worked with would have most people scratching their heads going “Huh? Why would that be a secret? Why would anyone care if <insert bad guy’s name> wears My Little Pony jammies?”

Simple - if it became widely known, the bad guy could easily figure our who shared that info with the good guys, and there goes a good source…

On the other hand, while I may not tell you about your impending surprise birthday party, I’m not very good at lying when directly confronted. “What?? *NOOOOOO! *What makes you think we’re planning a party for you???”


Happy Moanday.

My knee feels much better - thanks for asking. :smiley:

Happy Moonday!

Supposed to be cloudy today with a high of 82.

Horrible night last night, I have a big blurf.

How’s the knee feel FCM? :smiley:

I’ve gotten better at keeping secrets since I’ve gotten older. Mostly because I can’t tell what I don’t remember.

I have had two people tell me I am bad at keeping secrets and I think how do you know? They don’t know what I know and haven’t told. Both of them are somewhat (okay, more than somewhat) manipulative and I think it was an attempt to get me to spill.

Morning all. Going up to the storage place in about 30 minutes to reclaim my bedroom and other furnishings. Supposed to be dry and mid-80’s today and most of the rest of the week.

I held a secret clearance for 35 years and haven’t been hauled off to Leavenworth, so I guess I can keep a secret or two. But like FCM, I am horrible at lying (I never win at poker), so you can worm stuff out of me.

And that is all for this morning.

Nobody tells me anything so I don’t know if I can keep a secret. I suppose I can. Dentist this morning for my semi annual checkup, then off to irk.

I think I need to check out FB more often. I just found out that my nieces’ aunt passed away a month ago. Only because my older niece’s birthday is today and when I went on her page to wish her a happy birthday I saw the notice about her aunt’s memorial service.
Her aunt is the person who got me into belly dancing, and several times we performed together.

I’m fairly good at keeping secrets. Doesn’t mean I like it; I’m the type who want to give out birthday gifts the day I buy them, but I can keep the secret when I need to.

Got the furnace installed Friday. Heat, heat, glorious heat! The house doesn’t smell like a damp basement anymore! We have a wifi thermostat that is wonderful!

Did a lot of sewing this weekend. Fixed the ripped crotch of my husband’s work pants, altered a shirt to fit me better, and made myself a skirt out of an old bed sheet. (I found a use for the flat sheet!)

And the Packers won! And the Brewers won! (Darned those Cubs and the whole tie thing. Brew Crew will win tonight!)

It was a pretty good weekend.

Everytime my neighbors open their door it smells like
Only 9am and one of them came staggering out with a beer bottle in her hand.

Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead. :dubious:

Except for a vacation house where you’d keep the airco high / heat low except for when you’re there (or enroute there) I just don’t see the point of those things. I have a programmable thermostat, in the winter, it gets warmer in the morning & evening & is set to a lesser temp during the day & overnight hours. If it’s cold at night, it means I’m up late enough past the night time switchover that the house has started to cool off & that it’s probably past bedtime. It’s not hackable, either.

Why don’t we all PM flytrap our secrets; it’s be much easier to kill just him than all of us & therefore keep our secrets safe. :cool:

Remind me never to plan a surprise birthday party with you. :eek:

Have not made it down the allotment, I’m having an all day blurf session instead. I did make it out to pick up a parcel and some cough stuff, but I reckon that’ll do me for the day.

I’m wondering at what point I should try and get a doctor’s appointment. Odds are they can’t do much, but I think the neighbours are going to stab me if I don’t knock it off with the coughing soon.

My plan begins to take shape…

WOOHOO!!! EIGHTEEN CENTS!!! That’s 18¢ in interest earned on my checking account for September. Envy my mad money skillzzz!!!

It’s the little things that make my life, ummmmmm, interesting. No pun intended.


Lunch time!!

May I borrow $5.00 for lunch?

Borrow all you want. Not from me, mind you, but you’re free to borrow…

Blurfage Been at irk since 615 which means i lefty my house at 0530ish. Come 245 I am out of here. Tis the new FY and there is a ton other stuff to do on the first of Oct. Of course it will not all get done today cause I ain’t staying a minute extra. My secret is I am beginning to hate my job. Don’t tell anyone.

Who wants to know? :dubious: