The secret MMP

I can keep a secret but my hubby apparently cannot. Case in point. His worker and his wife just found out they are expecting a baby next April so she is barely preggers. He told hubby who told me. The worker did not tell hubby it is a secret-that first trimester thing. Hubby blabbed to other peeps and it got back to the worker who was very upset at hubs. I told hubs about the first trimester thing and he said “well, I didn’t know that”. “Why didn’t you tell me”? Now it is my fault. He went to worker and begged forgiveness explaining he did not know it was a secret. Men need to know this stuff.


Well, all my furniture is back in the house and the remodeler has been by and promised to work the (few) issues I still have, so once I find the clean sheets and get the new TV set up, and move everything back into the proper places, I will be living normally again…for various degrees of normal.

Cloudly, warm and humid today, a pattern that is supposed to stick around for awhile.

FCM, no checking dividend, but I just looked at my quarterly savings interest from the Credit Union and I made $128.56 over the last three months. Another 300 years or so and I’ll be rolling in dough…

Nut, sounds like maybe you caught what Midget has; bronchitis. I’d see the Doc tomorrow if it hasn’t gotten better.

Butters, your secret is safe with us…:eek::eek::rolleyes:

Juliet, may your house be heated throughout the Wisconsin winter (meaning until next July).

Sari, {{}} about your aunt. Do a dance in her honor (and of course post it to You Tube…:p;) As for the neighbors, sound like nice people…if you like member so of the porcine species…

Going out now to seek sustenance and do a couple of other chores.

All thru my lunch break, I was also working, sorta. The drawing I’m supposed to be fixing is the top level assembly, hence it’s huge. Every single thing I try to do takes for-freekin’-ever. Even something simple like going from sheet 2 to sheet 2…

I’ve been trying to replace a computer (actually just a model of a box) for the last 20 minutes. It’s still thinking… I will accomplish nothing today. Dammit.

**MetalMouse **- I had rolled a portion of my TSP into a CD, and some months back, I rolled it again into a higher-interest certificate - from .6% to 2.5%! Now, that was a bit of interest worth noting! Not enough to live off the interest, but enough that if we do draw off the interest only, we’ll have a bit of pocket change for fun stuff.

After we return from our cruise, we’ll meet with our financial guy and discuss things. Theoretically, I can start drawing my annuity in January, but we may hold off. Lots of things to consider. Life would have been so much easier if I’d been born an heiress…

And yay for getting your house back! We did our own remodel, and it took the better part of 4 months. You really learn to appreciate silly little things like a functional sink and stove. I hope you enjoy your new digs!

Flytrap does. :wink:
They brought in lunch today, 4 strombolis:
[li]Eye-talian[/li][li]Ham[/li][li]Meat lovers[/li][li]Chicken Parm[/li][/ul]

Three of four contain ham limits the choice for anyone who doesn’t eat ham/pork/pig, of which there are a few. :smack:

Hey, that’s great! Can you spare me five bucks?

For you???

But of course!

I suppose that could have been much worse. Mama Plant told me to always look on the bright side of things, but it is sometimes difficult in thi…on the web.

You are Trumps next pick for SCOTUS?

I’m very good. I am active with church things and do counseling and I never was clear on what should be considered confidential and what isn’t so I treat everything I hear as deepest-darkest-top-secret. It makes my life easier that way.

Up and adulting a while. Started some laundry, packing for the weekend, rode the bike off to see my Humble Barber ------ just horribly productive. I hope to have all that out of my system for the day before I go to work.

Better to not take any chances — off both of them! :smiley:

Believe me MetalMouse, that is a video nobody would want to see. Maybe 20 years ago.

My neighbors are… interesting.

Reminds me Butters of when I was pet sitting for a client and she left her sonogram pics on the counter. Of course I saw them, even looked, but didn’t touch. I didn’t say a word though, not my business. Not so with the house cleaner, she saw the pics and blabbed all over. My client was furious with her. Then she asked me if I knew she was pregnant and why I hadn’t said anything. I told her, not my business to tell other people your business.
Besides I figure most people want to spread the news themselves, they are happy and want to talk about it.

Actually, I was always pretty amazed at the stuff people would leave out when I was coming to their house. Tax records, check books, pay stubs, settlement sheets, court documents. One guy left a stack of 50 dollar bills in the middle of the table. I did touch those, moved them to where his dog couldn’t get them or he could have come home to bits and pieces of 50 dollar bills all over the rug. One even called me from work while I was at her house and had me go into her desk and pull out financial records and read them off to her.
That kind of stuff always made me uncomfortable.

Maybe, maybe not.
I’ll have to get back to you on that.
That 17 minute gap in the tape was an accident. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

I worked at [redacted] when first out of college. My security clearance was the fastest back they had ever seen. I now know why our taxes were so high. I was there short of a year–something about not wanting to hang around things that produced Hydrogen Cyanide for low pay–and was highly amused when years later, they made the front page of that state’s major paper with photos of the remains of a strategic national asset they accidentally blew up.

The best part was, on the last day, as I was handing in all the badges and passes, I wished them good day.

In Russian.

Spidey, one of the features of the wifi thermostat that I really like is the geofencing. It is linked with the app on my phone and it can tell if I’m more than a certain distance from my house for more than 30 minutes. At that point, it lowers the temp a specified amount and when I get within the radius, it raises the temp again. So when I take an impromptu day trip, it’ll save me money for the day. Or when I’m home on a day I’m supposed to be at work, it’ll keep it warm for me. Plus, we frequently go to visit my parents in Illinois, so we can have it adjust the temp on our way out/way home to save money, too.

Yeah, I know people are worried about hacking and surveillance and all of that. That’s not really a debate I’m wanting to get into. My thermostat won’t give a hacker access to my personal information; my full name isn’t even on the app registration. So I’m not really worried about someone hacking my thermostat.

Who wants to know? :smiley:

The trip to the doctor went well this morning. On the way home, it began to rain like line 'em up Noah, one more time and it’s still raining. With the sodden ground from last week, we are getting more serious puddles/ponding/lakes/send a helicopter outside. I’m running out of places to walk the dog without both of us wading.

Happy Monday!

Howdy Y’all! Today I have defilthyfied da cave and accomplished some errands. I also got meds ordered. Next up is the makeage of sup. I have adulted!

MetalMouse yay for gettin’ furniture back and in place.

Juliet yay for new furnace and fancy-schmancy thermostat.

flytrap you could eat for a couple or so years on those five bucks spidey
lent you. :smiley:

Hi All. In California. Did you know it’s hot here? Things have been dramatic and not all that fun, frankly, but it will all work out in the end I’m sure.

Juliet I worked in cyber-security for 20 years or so. The short version is that your thermostat works over your home’s wi-fi network. All of your other devices, including your phone, your tv’s, your tablets, your computers, your xbox, etc, etc, also use wi-fi. Your thermostat is easier to hack than your router, but once someone has hacked into it, they can theoretically reach everything. There are only a few types of products on the market to protect against this and they are expensive.

Is there a high likelihood that this will happen to you? No. But it can happen. The odds will get higher with the more of these types of these devices that people have in their homes.

So end’s today’s lecture from Sunny.

Thanks, Sunny. I have a degree in Computer Science and I get that hacking is always a possibility with connected devices and that the hack can possibly reach everything on my network. But it’s also always a possibility that I’ll get into a car accident every time I get in the car. Yet, I chose the convenience of a car over the inconvenience of walking everywhere. Or more closely, there’s the risk my credit card number will get hacked every time I use it (in person, online, writing it on a bill payment, etc.), but I still use my credit card. Same here. I chose the convenience of having my thermostat be connected over paying extra money for my energy bills or having to remember to turn everything down all the time and waiting for it to warm up when I turn it down.

I like my wireless printer, Alexa devices, smart TV. Yep, I’m an xennial and I like my technology. And avocado toast. Mmmm… I love avocado toast.

We have supped and all is well at da cave. Nuttin’ else to report at this time. Stay tuned for further developments.

I’m the guy that knows everyone else’s secrets…simply because they tell me them even if I don’t wanna know…or they’re telling them to someone else and forget I’m there or I’m there where we it’s happening…

It leads to a lot of unusual social interaction s…

I did read a while back where someone hacked a friend’s fridge to drop out ice cubes at random times to drive said friend nuts as a joke

Only reason it was discovered was too much came out one time and they had to confess cause repair guy figured it out …after some friendly pummel ing they showed people how they did it …