The Secret Stash ain't that special.

Any idea why they call it “uncensored” when half the stuff on it is still blurred? They should just say, “we unbleep the swears”

Anyone know what this thread is about? Cause I don’t.

The Secret Stash is the name for Comedy Central’s newish late-night thing in which they play movies/comedy specials and leave the swear words in.

Sorry. Secret Stash is a program block on Comedy Central late at night on Friday’s and Saturdays.

Yeah, I was disappointed too.

I was watching … last week I think (Not Another Teen Movie) to see if they would. Right before the show they ran there bit about how it was uncut and uncensored. Followed immediately by a disclaimed saying the movie had been edited for content and time. Maybe time.

And most obviously, that’s not was uncut and uncensored mean to me at all.

Sigh, yeah, I realize it. My fingers just type by sound. It messes me up a lot. Especially with definite and ridiculous. I don’t like it but I type so fast I don’t really pay attention to what’s coming out. I usually proofread the posts but didn’t this time. It annoys me too.

I’ve long since become skeptical of ANYTHING which claims to be “Uncensored” or “Uncut”, because invariably it means “Someone says Fuck! OMG TEH HORROR!!!1!!eleventy!11”.

They ran a couple of “Jerry Springer Uncensored!” specials on Austar here a year or two ago, and I was hoping we’d A) Here some trailer trash swearing at each other and B) see some trailer trash breasts and possibly some lesbian action (all in the interests of serious reserch, of course), but instead “Uncensored” apparently meant “A longer show, but with all the swearing bleeped out and no breasts- but you do get to see two women and two guys kiss, if that’s your thing!”