The Shield - 1/17

Ok - maybe I missed the other thread but it looks like this is the only one.

So… what’d everybody think? My thoughts:

(1) Claudette HAS to have something wrong with her. I’m leaning towards cancer, although who knows?

(2) Forest was much better this week - ALTHOUGH he’s really freaking creeping me out with Vic’s wife and the autistic kids. I mean REALLY.

(3) Re: Julian’s new partner. Whoa. What the hell is going on? First, she’s like lipstick-pretty-pants. Then she’s getting written up for excessive force? I’m waiting for that storyline to pan out.

(4) Lem - Ah Lem - so slick to unplug the Internal Affairs wire so you could talk to Vic - and then … et tu Mackey?

(5) Handing the guy over to the Mexican Policia? Freaking brilliant.

C’mon people! Best show on television! Let’s hear some thoughts or we will have to just abdicate all of Cafe Society to televisionwithoutpity.

  • Peter Wiggen

Great episode, with lots of tension between the different sets of characters.

Julian and the rookie’s relationship is bound to get interesting. I say one of them gets killed this season.

I’m kinda upset that Aceveda and Danny’s roles have been so limited. Aceveda’s character is the most complex on the show–so I’m waiting for that to come back. I still think that Vic is going to find that cell phone with the pic of Aceveda and he will use it to prolong his career.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with Lem, he seems to be in a catch-22 of sorts. He usually does the right thing, but he has broken the law many times himself–the big one bieng the money train. Vic has a lot of leverage he can use against Lem if he has to.

I have a feeling that Doomsday is going to make it back from Mexico somehow. That seemed like too much time to invest to only get one episode out of his character. One sick puppy, that guy.

Claudette is either suffering with something terrible, or is addicted to pain killers. With all of the stress she went through last year, on and off the job, I wouldn’t be suprised that she was popping pills to stay “happy”.

Just reporting in as a hooked fan of the show. Haven’t missed an episode to know of it.

Claudette may be having family problems. Didn’t her daughter (or was it granddaughter) show up in an episode or two last season? Or was that still earlier? I’m planning to do a search on CCH Pounder’s health situation IRL and perhaps any other clues as to how she (as opposed to Claudette) may be going through some troubles these days (or the days when the series was being filmed).

It seems that each season zooms in on and accentuates specific characters, some ongoing, and others fresh faces. Maybe it’s just the season to have Claudette drift into the background while Dutch comes center stage. He does seem to be more in evidence thus far.

Forest looks like this season’s Anthony Anderson, from the dark side maybe, mixed with Glenn Close from the other side. (I doubt if Ghost Dog wants to be reduced to that level.) Anyway, I see his character being a key ingredient in where the plots will diverge. Same with Aceveda.

Looks like Shane has settled down to being a badass for a while with no major issues in his way for the time being.

Since Vic’s wife is the creator’s IRL wife, I can envision her demands for more face time. She’s okay as an actress but I hope we don’t get too deep into any hanky-panky with Forest. Her run-ins with Dutch were scary enough for me.

Julien’s new sidekick has just got to be around for more trouble-making. Dutch won’t just let her slip away and Danny looks to be mother-henning her, too. Maybe Dutch will show her some kitten tricks?