The Shield 14 FEB 06

Best. Series. Ever.

I have a question, because my memory is failing in my old age. The 65K that Vic gave Corrine, was that cash from the Money Train? If so, Vic will be in a world of hurt if Kavanaugh gets ahold of it.

I forget how incredibly intense this show is. It takes me an hour or more to come down after seeing it.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think it is; Corrine’s been spending it to pay for the school, so it would’ve turned up on Treasury’s radar as it went through the banking system, and they would’ve been knocking on Vic’s door long since.

Kavanaugh’s gotta have a skeleton in his closet that the Strike Team can exploit.

But jeez, setting up shop RIGHT IN THE BARN takes some serious cojones!

And, I gotta say, removing the doors of the Strike Team Room was a stroke of genius. He’s going to work on them from every angle.
Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if the doors from Kavanaugh’s car came up missing.

Vic and team got the list of marked bills and I assume they destroyed them (another federal penalty :D). Any money saved from Lem’s fire is unmarked. However, it is very unlikely Vic declared the income, and if I were Vic, I’d be far more afraid of the IRS than IA, Aceveda, the Russian mafia, and every gang in Farmington combined.

Vic has to get Corrine to reverse her testimony to Kavanaugh…then he can say that the $5000 was a gift from an uncle or some such thing.

No, Kavanaugh needs to sleep with the fishes.

Another great episode. Why on earth this isn’t as huge as The Sopranos or Lost is beyond me. Although I do have to admit, each new episode fills me with dread, which is maybe not something most people look for in a TV show.

When are they going to get back to the whole storyline about Vic being forced to take early retirement? They dangled that out there in the first episode and just let it go. I guess he’s already got enough hanging over his head with IAD for now.

She wasn’t under oath, she never signed any of those documents he was so giddily handing out, she has the spousal right to refuse testifying against Vic, and she can quite easily claim she manufactured the reply under the duress of Kavanaughs (K? I figured C) interrogation.

The $65k is going to be a key point, but it’ll never stand in court.

She has to understand that if she admits to it, she’ll lose all benefits she gained from the use of it: house, school, etc… Once she realizes the impact of admitting to getting ill-gotten gains, she will clam up but good. IMO.

That’s the stick Vic has to hang over her: send me to jail and there will be NO ONE to provide for the kids.

Did they switch the actress who plays his daughter again? This is what? The third time?

You mean the oldest daughter? She’s always been played by Chiklis’ real-life daughter, who’s been steadily growing during the years the show’s been on.

Great episode. After the big set-up, though, I’m pretty sure Vic is not the dad of Danni’s kid. I loved the $100 suit comment. Poor Dutch-boy! And Captain Shit-Rolls-Downhill just cracks me up, he’s such a weasel.

Corrine needs to get a lawyer pronto. Correction, Vic needs to get Corrine a lawyer pronto.

What bothered me about this episode is that Corrine was portrayed as an idiot. Why in the hell would she even talk to Kavanaugh? And once he started his obvious psychological bs, she should’ve walked. If she had been portrayed as totally ignorant and useless, I could buy it. But I always thought she knew somewhat what was going on but figured the less said, the better. Why she would divulge anything to that conman is beyond me.

I missed this episode!!! Anyone know if they will replay it on FX this week? Please!

Yes, it will be replayed. I think Sunday. Check your paper.

Another question…

Why the hell didn’t “The Dutch Man” arrrest Cleavon when he found the kill kit in the dresser? He had permission to search the house from the sister and, presumably, he was carrying his weapon. I would think that the kit and the bloody shirt would be enough to arrest him.

Only if they can tie the bloody shirt to an actual body. I think.

It usually gets replayed several times. If not Sunday, then Monday.

It may depend on the market but I was able to catch it last night (Friday) and it’s on again Sunday. Tuesday when the new episode airs it’s on back-to-back at 9 and 10 (plus whatever past-the-hour overrun there is). That’s four slots a week in this area.

I wanted so much to check this thread out before, but The Shield is one I don’t want to spoil by comments and previews (beyond what they show at the end of the episode).

They have Forest’s character (Kavanaugh seems so inappropriate a name) more fleshed out than any “guest star” so far, and I suspect he wouldn’t have taken the role if some bad shit doesn’t get to happen to Vic’s Crew by way of his antics. The fake sting was just the tip of an iceberg that may takes weeks to expose.

I still want Aceveda to go down hard.

It seems to me you could always check the FX Channel’s website. The list almost all of their prominent shows, including their weekly schedule.