The (shudder) Gary Coleman Show

Has anyone else seen this monstrosity that they are showing reruns of on the Cartoon Network? What were they thinking in even making it, and why in God’s name are they rerunning it?

      • I dunno of what you speak. I only posted to do a sort of “Where Are They Now?” kind of deal: a pal saw Gary Coleman selling car wax, or something like that, out of his van in either Nashville or Memphis some months back. - MC

Watchoo talkin’ 'bout, Meredith?

“The Gary Coleman Show” was a really bad cartoon created when Arnold on Diff’rent Strokes was the hottest thing in entertainment. Premise: Gary is an angel, protecting a group of kids.

As for what GC’s doing now, I do know that he appears occasionally on The X Show in a brief segment called, “Legal Advice from Gary Coleman”.

I don’t know why they’re rerunning it…probably for the same reason they rerun the Harlem Globetrotters cartoon: because they picked it up for a song and they don’t need to show their good stuff at 1 AM.

Nov. 15 1999 there will bea webbathon for Gary Coleman on the UGO website. If you go now the message is Bail For Todd $15000. Saving Gary Coleman’s Ass-Priceless… “Computers are a passing fad”-Red Green

Not to hijack, but what’s up with most of the stuff that’s on Cartoon Network? The “HAIR BEARS,” for Chrissakes? The Gary Coleman show is a true travesty of animation and not remotely amusing, even when drunk. Half the time they’re playing Cow and Chicken (which is ok, but ALL the time?) And God help me, I loved Scooby Doo when I was a kid (hated Scrappy), but ENOUGH ALREADY! I have caught really cool Tom & Jerry’s (Tex Avery is awesome), but have yet to see “Is you is, or ain’t you ain’t my baby?” even on late night. A friend claims it’s because they show Tom smoking, which I do not remember to be part of that particular episode.

Hah, ONLY the Cartoon Network would show the Gary Coleman Show. The animation on it is so horrible, horror! I mainly watch that channel for “Dragon Ball Z” (it’s a kids show I know but I really got into it recently).

Also, sorry to High-Jack but whats’ up with “The Super Globe Trotters”? ONLY the Cartoon Network would show something like that. But, I have to give them props for showing Robotech, Thundercats, and Voltron (I used to watch those as a kid, they bring back so many memories, no matter how cheesy Voltron and Thundercats are!).

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