The Simpsons/Cleveland Show/Family Guy season premieres, 9/26/10 (open spoilers)

Was the music at the beginning of Family Guy when they were driving supposed to be a takeoff of a specific movie’s theme? It sounded really familiar but I couldn’t place it. (And I know it eventually became a version of the Family Guy theme, but it sounded like it started off the scene as a different piece of music.)

Let me see if I understand the premise of this Glee thing: their lives revolve around the choir at their high school… only they’re not very good singers? How does this work? They weren’t horrible, but you’d think they would cast a bunch of really strong singers. Color me confused. Considering how much hype that crossover got, it was really short. I can’t complain about that given the quality of the singing.

I was ready to say the Flight of the Conchords thing wasn’t going to work as part of another show, but they delivered some of the funniest stuff in the episode. For me the biggest laugh line was “artists are the least important people in society,” and I also very much enjoyed the sandwich shop stuff and their version of Sprooklyn (although I wish they’d been a little more creative with the name). The Krusty subplot didn’t do anything for me and I thought the reasoning behind the resolution was pretty shaky.

The music (and to a great extent, the whole thing) reminded me of Murder By Death.

I hope it was intentional, because there were better graphics in video games 5 years ago.

Simpsons: Very unfunny since I neither watch Glee nor Flight of the Choncords and if Fox hadn’t “Glee on Simpsons!!!” and if you guys hadn’t told me that those were the FoC guys, I wouldn’t have known either. Too nichy for me.

Family Guy: I applaud Seth and crew for doing things they aren’t accustomed to doing, even though they fail. I thought it was ambitious of them when they did the “Brian and Stewie no flashbacks” episode and I think it was ambitious of them to do an hour long serial. I didn’t think it was funny unfortunately, at least not funny enough. Although I LOVED the ending with Stewie.

Cleveland: Boring unfortunately cuz they’re usually ok.

American Dad: Is this coming next week now?

Next week’s Family Guy: I can tell you already I hate it. It’s now back to “This is what Seth MacFarland things of…” and now it’s politics…yaaaaay…

Let’s ask Ollie.


Thanks, Ollie.

i dont watch simpsons since they started focusing less on homer and more on the kids.
family guy was not funny, i watched about half. i was hoping for funny stuff and was disappointed.
cleveland show was ok i guess, sad since i love that show. more of rollo love stories is not a good thing

That was good.

The more I think about it, the more “fail” that episode contains. Diane’s plan was to kill James Woods and frame Tom for it? Then why involve ~20 potential witnesses, especially since it was trying to avoid witnesses that made the execution of the plan so convoluted? And them being trapped is just a goofy deus ex of a lightning-struck tree destroying the causeway. I was kind of expecting the critical piece of evidence to be a cellphone picture snapped just after Diane clubbed that guy, with the bloody Golden Globe in her hand, but it never appeared.

What the fuck, Seth? I haven’t been this confused since the end of No Way Out!

If Stewie’s willing and able to shoot someone standing in front of Lois, why wouldn’t he just chamber another round and finish Lois off as well, like he’s wanted to do all along?

Answered my own question once I thought about it. Shooting her so she falls off the cliff lends itself too readily to the same sort of disaster that happened after he shoved Lois off the boat in the virtual reality. (Won’t spoil that for those who haven’t seen it).

Call me crazy but I loved the Family Guy episode! I always like it when shows do some special episode that isn’t their usually flavor of the week stuff. I compare this Family Guy to my favorite Simpsons episodes, the “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” season finale and premier. I like the mystery, like the occasional spooky bits, and liked the usual crazy Family Guy stuff


Because she’s a main character, and you only kill off secondary characters, unless there’s a contract dispute.

You already did spoil it (not for me), as you don’t find out it is virtual reality till the END of the episode. Also I don’t remember if it was the end of that episode, or not but Stewie admits that he is still dependent on Louis. That is why he has postponed his plans to kill her.

The music was the regular opening theme song, sans lyrics, slowed down and embellished.

Then the embellishments remind me of Murder by Death.

I wanna briefly zombie this thread to recognize Mr. Ekers on his calling this line.

In case you missed it this exact thing happened on the FG that was last sunday, Immediately following this episode.

Well, not the EXACT thing. He didn’t call her a bitch.