The Simpsons/Cleveland Show/Family Guy season premieres, 9/26/10 (open spoilers)

The new seasons of The Simpsons, Cleveland Show, and Family Guy are all starting tonight. Hopefully football doesn’t delay them too much.

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith from Glee and Jemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords guest starring.

Hour long episode.

The Simpsons opened the season with a Lisa episode with a Krusty b-plot. I…have no words.

I found them both very boring. I wonder if they were made last season and held over till September.

The Simpsons played up the Glee angle in promos, so I was surprised when the storyline actually centered around…Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords! I was delighted.

The Simpsons episode was set in part in my hometown, The Hague, which I thought was pretty neat. Of course, The Hague 1) has no airport and 2) does not look like what is seen from the airport, and 3) Dutch people don’t sound like that, but the Peace Palace looked was done quite accurately so I thought that was pretty cool.

As usual Simpsons tried to crame too many subplots into one episode. It was nice seeing Brett and Jermaine.
Family Guy was surprisingly good. I wasn’t expecting everyone to be “in character”; I thought everyone would be playing different roles like the Star Wars spoofs.


Boy, that Simpsons was stunningly unfunny.


I liked Family Guy, but they had so much 3D modeling that it started to get distracting. Did they get a new 3D engine this year or something?
I thought Simpsons was entertaining as well, but I imagine it would be very bizarre to anyone not familiar with Flight of the Conchords.

The problem with parodying other sources is, the plot still has to be funny if you aren’t up on the source being parodied. Otherwise you’re lost and it only works for a select few.

Yeah, I wondered that too.

I’d heard of them, but am not really familiar with them… and yeah, that whole plot kinda fell flat for me. It didn’t help that the Lisa plot felt like stuff that’s been done before.

And how many times has that Krusty plot been done?

No, that was just part of the joke. Everything from the predictable plotting to the overly theatrical establishing shots were supposed to be the sort of cliche you may find in a big murder mystery film. It was purposefully bad.

A new low for The Simpsons. Bloated Family Guy. Haven’t watched Cleveland yet.

Liked the early quote about it being a Lisa episode. ALways a bad idea.

Entertainment Weekly knocked the DVD release of the Family Guy not-to-aired Abortion episode as offensive. Can that be true? Family Guy? Offensive?

The Cleveland Show wasn’t funny.

The Simpsons wasn’t funny and bored me shitless.

Family Guy wasn’t that funny, but a couple of scenes got a chuckle and I found the whole show entertaining. I’m interested in seeing how things will play out after the deaths - which MacFarlane says are “canon”. Got to figure Brian’s going to try and hook up with Jillian again.

That was canon? James Woods, his wife and Jillian’s husband’s death were no biggie but Muriel is a recurring character. Poor Neil.

Direct from MacFarlane’s Twitter account:

Of course, this is Family Guy so who knows what’ll happen. I could see Diane return in the future as her death scene just screams out for her to do so.

Should we assume that Lois did convince everyone of Tom’s innocence somehow, and Diane’s death was assumed to be a suicide? According to Wikipedia, next week’s episode is about Brian meeting Rush Limbaugh, so it probably has nothing to do with this one.

The Simpsons episode was a dreary yawnfest, since I have no interest in “Glee”, the references fell flat for me

Family Guy, meh, another BTDT hour long special that could have been trimmed to a half hour and lost nothing in the process

Cleveland Show; I hate rap, so this episode holds no appeal for me, I won’t be watching

A rather inauspicious start to the new season…

Will Asian Reporter Trisha Takanawa get more air time? Or will it be the toon that looked like a younger Diane?