The Simpsons: Tapped Out

I will say this:

As repetitive as the wrestling gimmick is, the token gave me the Springfield Coliseum and Drederick Tatum, who I never bothered to unlock before.

Not too sure when I got them - all the token gives me is 12 donuts.

Had to reinstall to login, btw. Don’t know what happened, but got it working again.

In Springfield, the Simpsons, a working-class family of Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, are on satirical adventures.

And another token just gave me Lugash and his gym.

Done with the wrestling game, my big news is I have over 5k donuts.

Two days ago I couldn’t get past the spinning donut - I ended up removing and re-downloading all the cache.
5K donuts? Holy cow, I’m at 498 myself but I’ve also bought some premium items along the way during these storylines.

Pikers. I’ve got 10,000 donuts and ain’t trying to get any more (specifically). Still doing daily tasks; still doing the recycling; other than that, not worrying about donut farming or anything else.

I do miss having real major events. Trying to find miniature presents scattered around your town was one of the few things in the game that made it difficult. Right now, it’s a couple of taps and you’re done. No reason to stay in the game and play for long periods.

New event, everyone.

My daily task gave me a mystery box. Inside was the blue-haired lawyer! I never spent the donuts for him before

Another event this week

:frowning: same format

Ugh, I can’t play without an update but it’s not downloading the update. What a bunch of suck.

Having connectivity issues today. Anyone else?

It’s hard to search online in general or the forums for this question because the results are unhelpful, but anyone have any good ideas for spending in-game cash? I have over the limit and sometimes I do the rat trap truck thing, but it takes forever. I have all the stupid high dollar things, like the escalator to nowhere. I don’t send characters on jobs any more or collect my buildings but I still rack (wrack?) up the cash

With my bonus @ 4035%, I spend cash on bloodmobiles (132k/each) which earn me 1.7 million XP per. It’s a far easier way to harvest donuts than Qwik-E-Mart harvesting.

New update. Quimby is bringing the Olympics. Free decoration, free parking lot, and 30 free donuts

That’s a giant wonking truck truck.

A Milhouse quest? Ew. :wink:

New event which may solve this issue for you: exchange in-game cash for donuts, use those donuts to boost your %, wash, rinse, repeat.

This new event… something about music artists, I’m not really paying attention… has a ‘Bourbon Street Band’ available for 20 donuts. The band adds a whopping 4% to your bonus, making the % increase .2% per donut, easily the highest ratio in the game. (For comparison sake, the 5-donut chalk outlines net you .25%, or 1% for 20 donuts, or .05% per donut spent. This band is 4 times more profitable.)

So, I bought bloodmobiles… $132k each… net 1.7 million per in XP (~5 donuts). Earned enough donuts, bought enough crowds, so now my bonus is over 5,000% and each bloodmobile nets 2.4 million in XP, a 700k gain since yesterday.

By my calculations, I’ll need another 25k donuts needed to buy the 1,250 crowds needed to get me to a 10k %-boost. This would require me to purchase (and sell - bloodmobiles can be sold, which is why they are perfect for this trick) about 1,250 bloodmobiles.

Probably fewer than that (the % will be increasing so the # of donuts per bloodmobile will slowly increase), but y’all do the math.

Of course, the question of whether I want to fill my Springfield with 1,300 drunk Mardi Gras revelers remains unanswered. :wink: But the path to 10k is there.