The Slugabed MMP

It’s nearly lunchtime over here and there’s no new MMP, thus I am taking it upon myself to start one for you! You is clearly all being slugabeds today!

In other news, it’s 19c/66f with a predicted high of 23c/73f and it’s partly cloudy. It always seems to be cloudy or partly cloudy except when it’s wet. Weather app says “If this weather was a soup, it would be Cream of Fuck Off”.

Mornin, all. I’m about to call AAA and get the truck towed. Hope everyone else has a better day.

I was only sluggingabed because I woke at 4 then managed to fall back to sleep. The clock just chimed 7 and I’ve showered, dressed, and walked Higgs for her morning poo. I miss being able to turn her loose in the yard.

Bathroom fun abounds. FCD did start his day by installing the terlit seat in the hall bathroom. He also had a go at said terlit with the plunger but he needs a snake. FIL tried plunging it last night to no avail. And then there’s the showerhead, which I think should be replaced. So, fun with plumbing…

No clue what the day holds. Apart from freekin’ hot!!

Happy Moanday!

Morning all. Up about 6am today, not quite as early as some folks here but way to early for me. Shopping run in a little bit (the store opens at 7am) and swimmin’ later, that’s about all for solid plans for the day. 90% chance of rain today and ‘only’ getting to 85F.

All y’all take care.

Trying to link to a pic but this tablet is fighting me…

And I just saw today is my 22nd Dopiversary!

Good afternoon.

Today Switzerland is celebrating 731 years of existence, which means a day off, brunch and, if allowed, fireworks.

I am is one of the few areas where fireworks are allowed - some people stayed up and started at midnight. The field across the street has not been mowed, so I hope people will set off their fireworks in the paved areas.

Yesterday I finally managed to reserve two rental cars. To discourage rentals, the rental companies have made their websites extremely unfriendly.

Before it got too hot we went for a walk and then had leftover garlic chicken with brown rice. I seem to still have some foodstuffs which were bought during the early pandemic panic which should be eaten.

So I should go and organize the cupboards. Or maybe I‘ll just continue sitting on the cool side of the building. Gotta stick to this week‘s, you know.

Happy August 1st!

Good morning everyone. Up and working on my second cup. Rumored to be only 103F today (my weather station recorded 106.7 yesterday). After breakfast, some minor auto stuff (swapping out a hitch, adjusting head and trunnions*) and must repair a frozen icemaker. For some weird reason, it freezes up during the height of summer. Whether it’s the temp, or unusually frequent use remains unknown.

On the hook later this week to help someone move furniture. I’ve declared my total involvement will be limited to driving my air conditioned truck from location A to location B, and awaiting in cool comfort for others to reposition various heavy objects. They are in their 20s, I am in my 60s. I maintain that sitting in the air conditioning during such events is an earned right. So there!

*If anyone calls to inquire what I’m doing today, I relish answering with “I’m adjusting my head and trunnions, while waiting for the ice to melt.”


Happy Dopiversary!

Happy Doper Cakeiversary, Mooooom!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 74 Amurrkin out and N.O.S. with a predicted high of 94 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. I was indeed a slugabed until seven-thirty this mornin’! I know you all are shocked. ‘Twill be a day of high sloth cause it’s hawt and cause we can. I foresee quality cee-mint pond time, nappage, and day drinkin’. Sup will be boxed lasagna (don’t judge!), sallit, and cheesey garlic bread.

VanGo hope all goes well with the truck today.

MOOOOOOM Happy Doperversary! Also happy plumbin’ etc. day.

Yanker yep, you are the old guy, so let all that young muscle do all the heavy work.

Die Happy Switzerland Day!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

And as soon as FIL got up, Fox news came on. On the plus side, their TV is dying so it’s now quiet.

'Sposed to be a hot one here like it is in many other places. Exercise class this morning, and then we’re going to the immersive Van Gogh exhibit later today. Missed it when it came through Portland. Cornmeal pancakes for breakfast today, methinks.

Good morning everyone.

It’s a relatively warm 67 degrees here with an expected high of 87. Yesterday it reached 97 degrees, so I guess that’s an improvement.

Happy Switzerland Day, Die!

I’m sorry about your truck, Van Gogh. I hope the repair is relatively inexpensive.

Happy Doperversary, FCM!

Good luck with helping on the move, pullin. I’m in your camp, I would not want to be moving in 100+ heat either. I actually did that once when I was young and it was freakin’ miserable.

I have no plans other than remaining fluid as to what my plans are today.

Today the electric company has a planned power outage in my hood. Got my car out of the garage. Will go to the chiro but other than that I will stay home and read. Fortunately the weather is very moderate so I shouldn’t need a/c. Insomnia last night but guess what? I can nap today because I am retired! Have I mentioned that lately?

Happy cake day, FCM!

scareyfaerie, can I use “Cream of Fuck Off?” I absolutely adore that.

Speaking of soup, it’s soupy here - set to get up to around 100F, sunny, humid. Today’s another appointment day for mom. We wound up shaving her head yesterday; her hair held out longer than we expected. She looks really good with a buzz cut, like a younger version of my favorite aunt (who managed to live to 102).

In unrelated news, my husband has become obsessed with a pair of earbuds not living up to their one-year warranty. I got them for him for free through work in January, they stopped working last week and were I in the same situation would just chuck them. He’s determined to be “made whole” by calling the manufacturer, asking them to either fix them or replace them, to the point where he’s asked me to forward them proof of “purchase.” I’m trying not to be dismissive, but that’s what you get for free. But he seems to be on a quest and will NOT stop talking about it. Gah. Oh, well - one of the reasons I married him was that we’re polar opposites on certain things; guess this is one of those things.

Well, shopping is done and put away and even cleaned some refrigerator shelving in the process, so that is pretty much as active as I usually am before 10am. Do need to get my Jersey Mike’s sammich in a bit, but swimmin’ won’t be until 1pm or so.

FCM, Happy Doperversary!

Dicey, happy 731st anniversary; and the USA is proud to have been around for 246 years…we’re pikers to most places.

Wet one, I think the truck and driving is more than enough support for the young’uns…

Cookie, enjoy the VanGogh exhibit.

talkie, he’s looking for a deal on a freebie? I’m frugal, but really…

OK, onward into the day. Dodging raindrops will continue.

I don’t know it I just woke up (it happens), or if I was awakened. Around 03:00 or so, there was a very potent aroma of a skunk.

The truck woes were less than expected. It’s good to have a friend in the biz. They just cut out the catalytic converter and stuck a piece of pipe in there, so it’s quiet for now. And no charge, it took all of 10 minutes. I’m ordering a new one to get installed at my next oil change in about 2 weeks.

Happy cake day, FCM!

Flyboy I’ve had skunks take up residence in the crawlspace under the house. Not Fun.

Cookie Read stories about that Van Gogh exhibit, looks cool. Pics if possible?

I’ve been up since 6:00-ish but have accomplished little. I have a hair appointment, phone calls to make, and will hit the gym. For even more excitement, it’s laundry day! I’m thrilled that the high temp will only be 82.

BooFae, “Cream of Fuck Off” cracked me up.

MetalMouse, no Jersey Mike’s here, but they must be good since they’re part of your routine.

Dicey, Happy birthday to Switzerland! So are fireworks only sold now, or are they available year-round?

VanGo, I hope you get good news to balance out the truck repairs. I’m cheering for you from the PNW.

Happy Dopiversary, FCM! I hope you get to celebrate with something that doesn’t involve toilets. Also, I’d be tempted to surreptitiously unplug the TV and say, “Oops! Looks like the Deep State took Fox News off the air!”

Happy Doperversary! I’m glad you made it to Florida safe and sound. I also sincerely hope you get that bathroom situation sorted out.

BooFae Have I mentioned that I love your weather app? Cause I do.

VanGo I’m glad the truck fix wasn’t too bad.

Dice Enjoy Swiss Day! (What do they call it?) Skip the cupboards, says I. Sit in the cool.

Dang it. Forgot my “Rabbit, rabbit” :frowning:

Heck yeah it is!

Feel the sloth Wet One!

Enjoy the Van Gogh exhibit Cookie. I am jealous.

Today the kids have doctors appointments. The race has started to school in 2 weeks. Why, people, why?

Steak for dinner. Other than that, who knows? The day shall be crazy like that.