The SMACKDOWN!!! Thread

Have you ever been reading a thread and seen a poster smacked down another so hard that startled birds rose from the trees for miles around? If so, this is the thread for you.

To kick it off, I provide the following exchange, following multiple posts by Okrahoma that the Syrian problem is Obama’s fault for not taking military action:

Ouch. Okrahoma’s kids are going to be born with big red hand-shaped birthmarks on their faces.

Anyway, please provide your favorite SMACKDOWNS!!!

The clobbering Claudia VonL got from **Cervaise **on the Telemarketer pit thread was something for the ages:

Much. Much more on the link.

Now, notice that the pit thread was from 2000, when the usage of words like “cunt” were still allowed against a poster, so we are not likely to see smackdowns like that again.

I think I love Tony.

The telemarketer thread was pretty awesome.

Some should check on Okrahoma after that. He may try to hurt himself.

Most likely just scurry to a more congenial site and complain how this liberal warmbed of leftish is intolerant of anyone who doesn’t walk in lockstep with the Central Committee. But he’ll say it like that’s a bad thing.

I don’t see how he’ll have time for that, being a Trump apologist is a 24/7 job.

The smackdown in the OP was a thing of beauty. This was the response to it:

This is obviously not a fair fight. He doesn’t even feel the impact yet here. Perhaps he has a general numbness about the head as a matter of course.

Look at it this way: A football doesn’t know it is being kicked, but when it gets kicked from your own 30 yard line and flies between the goalposts, it is still a thing of beauty.

Eight words: “If ignorance were cornflakes, you’d be General Mills.”

And it’s pre-existing, so he’ll need to get it looked at before Obamacare is repealed.

After a couple takedowns on adaher (starting at post #32981 for those keeping score at home) my final one was, more of gentle judo-flip than a smackdown

That’s beautiful.

25/8! My days have the most hours! My weeks have the most days! What's wrong with you? Are you un-American? Remember that great American band, The Beatles? Their bestest bigliest hit was *Eight Days a Week*. They didn't need any pansy-tushed calendar that was obviously lacking in days.

You know. The way things have been going, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that were to be an actual Trumpweet (Trump + tweet) in the very near future.

mhendo had a smackdown on Saint Cad in an About This Message Board thread.

There is no balm in Gilead stronger than cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias and the calm, soothing waves of amplitude modulation.

What about the situations where the person lays the smackdown on themselves, then tries to dig out of it, to no avail?

Let me present unto the committee the work of Doorhinge, taken from the The Repeal of Obamacare/ACA: Step-by-step, Inch-by-inch thread:

First there was me:

(It’s a reference to the iconic Depression-era photograph of a worried woman in the Dust Bowl)

Ann Hedonia then responds:

(She obviously got the joke).

Then, right after, our boy Doorhinge posts the following:

The Dope Responds:

Even I take a shot:

Bad enough, right? But then… Doorhinge doubles-down with the “I got the joke, it was YOU who didn’t get the joke” strategy that was a loser in the fourth grade.

The Dope Responds:

(That was very patient of you, Filmore. We should all try to do likewise.)

Doorhinge Responds:

I respond:

(Witty retort!)

The Board Responds:

The Prosecution rests.

(modest cough) I know this is braggy, but I just thought I’d mention that back in 2012 I received the inaugural SDMB Golden Paper Towel Tube Award for this post.

Even five years later I remain fully sensible of the great honor bestowed by that prestigious award, especially when I sit down suddenly.

Originally Posted by Starving Artist in post #2430—the infamous “Paper Towel Tube Test”
“I have been very clear in my analyses to describe the difficulties that a 6’3” man would encounter in trying to have anal sex with a young boy in that position. […]

Still, it would be easy enough for you or anyone else to test. Just squat down about as far relative to your height as Sandusky would have to for his, and try pumping away at a paper towel tube held in front of you."

Oh great.

Occasionally saw sporadic references to the paper towel tube thing, but now that I know its origins…jesus - I was about to say I need to take a shower, but, uh…

hands Eddie large bottle of brain bleach Here you go.

OK, show of hands. Other than SA;who here has actually tried this, and how many of you (again, other than SA) have continued habitually doing it.