THE SOPRANOS 5/23/04 - 'Long Term Parking' (Spoilers)


Only on a show like this could the main character and his wife reconcile after a season-long estrangement and it be, like, the third-most-interesting story of the night.

You are so right. Not wanting to spoil it for the west coast dopers who haven’t seen it yet ~I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DONE THAT. :eek:

They did make up for last week and the whole season now didn’t they?

45 minutes later and my heart is still pounding. This one’s going to stick with me for awhile.

My dad called me to say that his satallite went out 37 mins in. I felt really bad, but had fun spoiling it for him. :smiley:

Like nobody saw THAT coming. Was there any other possible outcome?

For just a minute there I thought Chris might just jump on board with the Feds. As soon as Tony called Ade about Chris’ “suicide attempt” I knew it was all over. That and she’s going to be on NBC.


That one goes on the short list which to tonight had only included:

Fishing with Big Pussy
The Interior Decorator from Czechoslovakia

Wow - last week excluded, great freakin’ season so far!!


I knew it was coming, although I didn’t know exactly what the guywho resembles a camel’s role would be. And we haven’t even discussed what happened cross the river.

Very hard to watch. A round o’ Emmys for everybody.

In the end it works out the same, but while she was talking to the Feds, I figured she’d kill herself. When she told Chrissy I can’t imagine I’m the only one who thought she’d kill her (he was drinking don’t forget). I wonder if the cops/feds are gonna come down on him, there’s plenty of circumstantial(sp) evidence pointing his way. Of course they seem to stear clear of family affairs.

Of course that should be HE’D, as in Christopher.

I had an optimistic moment when they showed Adriana daydreaming about making a break for it. Then when she came back to reality and Silvio I knew it was over.

Didn’t the wooded area where Ade got it look a lot like the property that Tony and Carm were standing in at the end? Was it the same place?

Also, wouldn’t feds be aware that something like that could happen when a stoolie has to come out? Especially at the moment that she has to spill the beans to Chris (as we saw). Wouldn’t there be some method of protecting her?

I hope that FBI agent that’s been manipulating Ade all this time is happy with herself. She got someone killed who was basically an innocent bystander.

In the preview for the finale, Chrissy says something about “proving his loyalty” to Tony once and for all. I wonder what he’s going to do.

It wasn’t the same. Didn’t Silvio tell her that he was taking her to “see Christopha” in upstate NY. My guess is that he just found a handy spot along the way. They had been driving through a wooded area for quite a while. The lot that Carm wants is a 1 acre lot in the burbs. When her & Tony were there and talking about the view you could see the next house through the woods.

Guess that ends the debate as to whether she would favor us with a nude scene prior to departing for NBC

I’m not sure how this will be explained to people who may never know what exactly happened (ie Carmella), but it would be interesting if next season, Carmella found Ade’s body on her lot.

I was thinking that as well until it hit me. None of them are innocent bystanders. These people are lying, murderous, thieving people and their wives/girlfriends/mistresses are aware of this and have no problem taking advantage of their ill gotten gains. It’s easy to forget what scum buckets Tony Soprano and the rest of his crew are. Not that Ade deserved to die of course.


I let the VCR pick up Deadwood, because there was no way I could watch anything else tonight.

When I saw Ade on I-95, I was composing an e-mail in my head - “Good luck, Adrianna” - I really wanted her to have a chance on the road, even though I was sure she didn’t have much more than a prayer if she was out on her own.

Tony’s lie was well enough crafted for me, I have to admit. What he said was believable to the crew - look at Christophuh, even Paulie would say, “yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised.” Knowing what Adrianna knew, it was believable to me, too.

Even when it became clear that it was Silvio driving the car - even when the road signs on I-95 were pointing to the asshole of nowhere - I still believed that it was reasonable that Chris had tried to commit suicide. Not for the reasons that Tony said, but for the reasons that Ade knew.

If Adrianna didn’t believe it, why didn’t she run off on her own? Did she know they weren’t going to a hospital before Sil pulled up some leaf-strewn empty road to Nowhere, NJ?

Did Ade hate Tony, when she heard his voice on the phone?

Even if Ade had a fantasy of driving away on her own, does that prove she knew what was coming any better than I did?

Adriana was just too stupid to be able to thread that needle and survive. As soon as Tony said Silvio was coming for her, she should have gotten out of the apartment, driven some place safe, then called the hospital to see if he was there. She was just a lamb to the slaughter.

But the most important development was that Tony told Johnny Sack to go screw himself. That pretty much sets up a gang war. You don’t spit into the face of the boss of the New York mob. Johnny is going whack someone on Tony’s crew, or try to. Then all hell will break loose. That’s what the season finale is leading up to, methinks.

Could be wrong, but I have a feeling she knew she was possibly sending Adrianna to her grave. The China remark sounded an awful lot like she was trying to convince herself.

I wonder about that myself. He’s already shown which family he’s choosing. (For that, I like the scene at the gas station much less.) But there’s that guilt by association? What does he have to do to wash his hands?

On a final note before I get ready for Monday - Tony B’s probably going to be OK, right? Since Tony S is willing to go to war over how Tony B is going to be killed, Tony B will probably not be killed.


Same here. Saying Silvo was picking her up was the clincher. Personally I think on some level she knew she was going to die but tried to keep the fantasy alive that Chris loved her and would never do that to her.

As for people saying innocent bystander please. She knew who she was with she knew the risks of the game. Heck ‘her’ club was bought with mob money wasn’t it? The fact she was stupid and self deluded doesn’t make her innocent.


Don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said. So I’ll just add that I liked the Godfather homage (if that’s what it was) with Tony sitting in the lawn chair, surrounded by fallen leaves and flashing back on memories of himself and Tony B.


Ugh. Heart-wrenching, that was. I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, and really thought they were going to see Chris in the hospital until Silvio took that unlikely exit into the woods. (And yes, Carmela’s property looked almost like those same woods, but that’s just some symbolism for us to play with.) Actually, I knew something was up when Sil had no comment about Ade’s obvious bruises.

Does the airport parking lot really have the loudspeakers blaring security information? That’s slightly creepy to me.

I really felt Tony’s homecoming gift to Carm ought to have been something sparkley and terrifically expensive, not a Her-Meez (blort!) scarf. Their whole getting-back-together was strangely chilly all around. Notice how Tony had said he’d make sure his “midlife crisis issues” didn’t affect Carmela; translation, he’d still cheat but make sure he’s never caught again? What a scum he is.

Anybody else think the body washed ashore was Tony B’s, at first? Looked like him to me – but all dead bodies tend to look alike.

The preview said “In two weeks” – does that mean there’s only one episode left, the finale, and it’s two weeks from now instead of next Sunday?