THE SOPRANOS 5/23/04 - 'Long Term Parking' (Spoilers)

Forgot to add, re Chris’s decision, the mullet guy at the gas station. Wondered why Chris was staring at him; shades of Meadowlands and Tony’s spotting the rat. But Chris must have been thinking “this will be me” … mullet, unattractive wife, bratty kids, beater car. He’s a scum too, by the way.

That’s right, no Sopranos or Deadwood next week. They are skipping Memorial Day weekend. My Sunday schedule will be all f’d up.

Funniest exchange of the evening:
Tony’s in the hospital breaking up with his scorched goomara.
Goomara: I’m gonna kill myself!
Tony’s phone rings
Tony: I gotta take this.

He was looking over his expensive SUV realizing he would have to give it up and then looked at low income family. Sell her out and live well or stay with her and be poor.

Had to smile when I recognized the new New York guy as the “classiest fantasy football on the int-ra-net” guy in ESPN commercials circa 2000-2001. Hmmm…wonder when the “it’s primo/I’m just in it for the juice” guy will make his debut.

Poor Ade, but again, not really a surprise.

Can’t believe I have to wait two more weeks!

I think that was one of the funniest lines all season.

Well, you saw that Tony is still protecting Tony B. till the end. I wonder if the rest of the crew knows about this. I also wonder if Crissy proving his loyalty has something to do with him finding out about Tony B.'s whereabouts and offs him himself, without telling Tony.

Really good article on this morning… eulogy of sorts.

I thought the ending was great, Tony back with his wife but clearly affected by the murdering of Aide and the ending of a young couple’s future together.

I also really wonder how this Tony B thing is going to play when Chris becomes aware of it all. Tony is willing to go to war with the NY family over a cousin who has done nothing more than screw up left and right, yet Aide is dead. If I’m Chris, my chip on my shoulder over Tony B just increased by a factor of 10.


I think that’s it exactly. I really wonder what decision Christopher might have made about Ade if Tony B were still definitely the apple of Tony S’s eye… Given that it looks like Tony B might get a “pass” (and start a mob war) I wonder how Chris is going to react – knowing that he gave up Ade for the “man [he’s] going to Hell for” and who still prefers his other cousin…

That was my firs thought. Once I paused it and looked, I then thought it was the Korean business man that Tony B had the fight with earlier this year.

GREAT episode tonight. Cannot wait for 2 more weeks.

I thought the FBI agent was in denial-- notice when she said, “She could be in China by now!” they call looked at her as if she might be a little slow. She has always been alternately friendly and cruel to Adriana, and I bet she feels terrible right now.

I don’t see Adriana as an innocent victim; if she’d told Christopher when she first got arrested, had gotten a lawyer, and kept her mouth shut, I bet she’d have beaten the rap, or at least gotten a minor sentence. She caved too easily. She was not too bright and was as morally bankrupt as anyone on the show. Some guy gets stabbed to death in her club and she calls the stabber “a nice guy–he’s only dealing, he’s not using anymore!” as some sort of positive quality, and excuse to cover up homicide. She reaped the whirlwind, and though we all saw it coming, the FBI totally dropped the ball. Idiots.

Again we see Tony taking out his grief by kicking the shit out of someone. In this case, though, I don’t blame him. I myself wanted to kick the crap out of Christopher.

Is Tony S planning not to give up Tony B? I thought he told Johnny that he knew where Tony was hiding out (we can assume it’s at the upstate country house). However, the previews seemed to indicate that they were going to get their war on very soon, so I’m not sure I interpreted that correctly.

As for Valentina, her threat to commit suicide is nothing that Tony hasn’t heard before from The Russian, so he blew it off. Will he become faithful to Carmela now? I doubt it-- old dog and new tricks.


Have we seen Silvio kill anybody before? I remember him slapping around some whores, but never killing.

Also, I wonder: This should cement Christopher’s relationshop with Tony, he chose Tony over Ade. But will it? Tony seemed more broken up over Ade than Chris.

He was there with Tony & Paulie when Big Pussy got whacked.

<< These people are lying, murderous, thieving people and their wives/girlfriends/mistresses are aware of this and have no problem taking advantage of their ill gotten gains. It’s easy to forget what scum buckets Tony Soprano and the rest of his crew are. >>

I don’t think it’s easy to forget at all. They constantly remind you. Just when you think one of them might do something right, they do the opposite. Steve Buscemi’s character was the last big such disappointment – on the right track, lured by money and wealth.

And now Carmella, too, who was one of the sympathetic characters, has made it clear, she prefers the money to the morality. I mean, c’mon, she wants Tony to promise that he won’t have any more affairs, and what does he promise? That his “activities won’t intrude on her.” I forget the exact words, but he hasn’t promised to be faithful, he’s only promised to be more discreet. Sheeeeesh.

This episode proved the FBI agents were equally morally bankrupt.

BTW, how come they saw Ade taking the sack to the garbage, but they didn’t notice the body being carried out?

No fucking way. Chris is gonna take a big fat vacation (I actually can see Tony rubbing him out, too).

I also thought he would strangle her to death right there.

And how fucking brain-dead is the female FBI agent? She thought everything was going to be just fine? Ohmygod. Ade isn’t the only “dumb cunt” in last night’s line-up.

I was glad Tony backed down on giving “Other Tony” to the rivals. Jeez…he looked like he regretted every second of his life at the end when he and Carmella were scoping out the new property.

I would imagine that exit was made via a different door.

They made a comment that they would take the body out through the basement. Don’t know how exactly you do that but it explains the camera not getting it on the back of the club. shrug

Tony planned to meet Johnny and give up his cousin. When Johnny was being so hard-headed about it (refusing to let Tony take care of it, refusing to promise to make it quick, being very aggresive/disrespectful to Tony) I think it was the straw that broke the mobster’s back. He had tried to smooth things over as the season has progressed, in spite of Johnny’s growing aggressive behavior. I’m sure the spin by Tony will be that you don’t betray family but I think Tony was going to give up Tony B - it was the pride that pushed Tony into a corner and he backed his cousin in spite of the costs.

Anyone catch what the deal was with Little Carmine? Was he just simply frightened and therefore refusing to go out and show himself? Is there some other tactic he is going to try instead?


Something that stuck with me from the Sopranos 5/16 thread:


“You can’t keep your horse [whores] in here”


Everyone I mentioned this line to and how it was pushing it to think horse sounded like whores (I didn’t say that she said whores, I’m just saying the words kinda sound alike. And then this week Tony says…

[QUOTE=C K Dexter Haven That his “activities won’t intrude on her.” [/QUOTE]

Also, there has to be some significance to Christophers awkwardly delivered line from Born To Run (And I’m guessing it doesn’t have to do with Silvio’s connection to the E Street).

:wally I really meant to hit preview on that one, so here’s what it was supposed to look like…

Something that stuck with me from the Sopranos 5/16 thread:

Everyone I mentioned this line to just said that I was pushing it to think horse sounded like whores (I didn’t say that she said whores, I’m just saying the words kinda sound alike). And then this week Tony says…

Seems to me he’s doing exactly what Carmella (kinda) asked. But anyways she knows what she’s in for.

Also, there has to be some significance to Christophers awkwardly delivered line from Born To Run (And I’m guessing it doesn’t have to do with Silvio’s connection to the E Street).

I don’t recall Silvio killing anyone before by himself, but he was the best person to do this. He did help kill Pussy along with Tony & Paulie. Of all Tony’s lieutenants other than Chris, Silvio was probably the closest to Aide, and the person she’d least expect to do her in. Had he said “I’m sending over Paulie” or anyone else, I think she would have been suspicious enough to head south on I-95.

Very odd that Carmine acquiesced to Johnny Sac so easily, but obviously he didn’t see any way out to the stagmire he had gotten himself into (2nd best line of the night). It would seem as if he’s either gone back to Miami to retire or at least regroup.