The Sopranos -- 6/3/07 (there will be open spoilers)

This week’s episode is entitled “The Blue Comet.” Since I was so good (not) at guessing where the “Kennedy and Heidi” episode title came from, I’ll say this one’s about a 1964 Mercury automobile. :slight_smile:

The DirecTV preview talks about mistaken identity and allegiances being tested.

It’s been two weeks!

Furio will come back
The Russian will come back.
Silvio will get whacked.
Paulie will get whacked.
Furio is working for the feds.
The Arab guys are working for the Feds.
AJ will whack Phil.
Somebody else will whack Phil.
The Russian guys is working for the Feds.
AJ is gay.
Carmella will go to the Feds.
Tony will get whacked.
Carm will get whacked.
AJ will get whacked.
At least one of those things will have to come true and I’ll look like a genius.

Shh…it’s starting…

I called it on Bobby last week. What do I win?

Is Sil going to make it?

The imported hitmen really sucked at their jobs.’

I wished Melfi had flat-out said to Tony, “I am not helping you-- you are still committing anti-social, violent, and immoral acts on a regular basis. What purpose do I serve in your life other than to enable you to keep going with your evil life?” Instead, she sorta wimped out and made it about a magazine recipe. Disappointing.

Dio, that’s what it looked like on my TV!

Our premium channels have been off and on pixillated for the last couple of days. They were okay earlier today, but not tonight. I can’t believe I sat and watched pixels for the last hour.

Maybe it’ll be cleared up for the 11 p.m. showing. F***!

Fifty minutes?! I’m mad enough to kill all the upper command of a NJ gang!

Great show. Bye Bobby. That’s what you get for gushing over trains.

Dammit, I don’t want Schroedinger’s Silvio for a week.

What a set up for the final episode. :eek:

And just how worthless is A.J.?

I was glad Tony kicked his ass. Way to make Bobby’s death all about him, the self-indulgent whiner.

Completely! :smiley:

Wow, good episode. Really good episode. As an aside, how could Janice even think to ask Tony to help Junior? What was she thinking?

I can’t believe Silvio got caught that easily. It doesn’t look good for him.


What I got through the pixels is that Bobby’s dead, Silvio is in the hospital, Phil’s in hiding, some guys maybe killed the wrong people, and Melfi cut Tony loose. Anything else that’s crucial?

Why did Tony beat up on A.J.?

I think that was the wingtip up the ass Melfi mentioned.

I thought one of the guys said that someone told him that Silvio was not even likely to regain consciousness.

Auntie Pam, Tony told AJ that they had to pack up and get the heck out of there pronto and could he please help his mother. AJ started whining about how depressed he was. At which point T yanked him out of bed.

Previews of course tell us absolutely zilch. I think Tony is done for.

Elliot is an ass
Melfi finally caves
AJ doesn’t surprise me
Phil in hiding doesn’t surprise me
Sil getting caught unprepared surprises me
Bobby rode the last train out of the station

Flatbush Bikini Waxing :smiley:

Who else was waiting for that door in the upstairs bedroom to fly open…

Oooh, so close… it was about a train.

Was it not totally unethical for him to break confidentiality and reveal that Tony was her client at a dinner party? If I were her, I’d have walked out of that dinner and fired him as my therapist. What a jerk.

I would think it a severe code of conduct breech, but with only one eppy left will not be mentioned again. Not that he doesn’t deserve the Coco treatment.

Hoo boy. That was some episode.

I’ve put so much of my time into watching The Sopranos, it’s insane. Not only have I watched the entire series up until now (on DVD,) I’ve seen many episodes multiple times. I’ve gotten so absorbed in all the characters - it’s like I know them. All the obscure side plots, all the humor, the deep family drama, the symbolism - and now it’s all boiled down to a few desperate guys holed up in a crummy safehouse.

It’s kind of funny how the only guys Tony has left now besides Paulie are the obscure background characters. Benny, Carlo, and that fat bald guy who was Tony’s driver.

I’m really wondering what’s going to happen now.

Who’s house was that? Looked kinda like Hesh’s.

I missed the first half hour, so I’m going to watch it on lo-def (woe is me!) in about half an hour. I missed most of 2003 - 06 (a couple dozen episodes, or so?) but have watched all of this season. Can someone briefly fill me in on this season’s plotline? Are the Jersey family and the NY family at war? Was the old man hollering at Tony through is upstairs window recently the last failure in the peace negotiations? Was Johnny Sachs the ond NY boss? Who’s the new boss and what’s the beef?


Adding: I’m not looking for a blow-by-blow summary of the past couple years. Just a quick synopsis, just enough so that I’m not completely lost watching these last 2 episodes.

No way it was Hesh’s… at least not the one that he was in when his girlfriend/wife passed away.

Could be a safe-house that we’ve never seen before.

I thought I saw a lifesize cardboard figure of Silvio in the background.

Yes, the are officially at war as of this episode, but it’s been a few episodes coming, Phil just had to ‘declare’ it.

That was Phil. Tony and Little Carmine came over to make a peace offering and he blew them off (after inviting them over)


Phil Leotardo (the guy in the window). As I understand it, He feels like tony has no respect for New York so he keeps trying to teach them a lesson, but then Tony feels like they have no respect for NJ, so they teach him a lesson.