The Start of The Irk Week MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Da bear is up and caffienatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 58 Amurrkin out and drizzly. I know how everybody looks forward to the mornin’ weather report. :smiley: The predicted high is 80 today. I can deal with rainy and warmish especially since some of y’all are dealin’ with cold and snowy.

So, it’s the start of the irk week. I get to sit in a meetin’ all mornin’. Woo and Hoo. It’s all a part of the grand scheme to eventually retire, I reckon. So what are y’all up to at irk this week?

Thus beginneth the hijack!

So far today, I have:

cursed DST,
gotten dressed, had breakfast, driven to work,
sat on my ass,
verified that I have access to a specific part of The Big Database which I wasn’t sure I had access to,
surfed the Dope,
helped a coworker verify that I did indeed have access to the webmeeting service,
read my email,
helped that same coworker find someone who could run the same verification from outside (our coworker who’s at home with a hurt knee),
surfed the Dope some more.

I’m so terribly productive, or something.

Tis’ conference call Monday, where my soul is crushed a little every week.

I am at irk but not for much longer! I was here at 8am today because we have exams going on and I had to look after a student who was doing her exam in a room on her own with just an invigilator, but the room has a keypad lock on it and we’re not supposed to give out the codes to people who aren’t staff.

Today I am finishing at 1pm as I’ve got the doc’s this afternoon and then, because I really know how to enjoy life, I’ve got an appointment at the optician’s too. I have to call in at the bank to pay in a couple of cheques, and I should get my mum something nice for mother’s day next weekend - I already have some theatre tokens for her and I’m taking her out for lunch but I thougth a nice piece of jewellery would go down well.

It’s a short week for me also, I’m off on Friday as we’re going up to Scotland because ‘im indoors’ family will be scattering his father’s ashes on the river Clyde in the afternoon. How about that for something to look forward to?

Blurfs from the scareport, y’all.

Monday- I have to set up for tomorrows lab, so I have 6 plates each of 5 different bacteria to get growing, 2 sets of labs to grade, set up two make up exams, get this week’s lecture reviewed, look over way to much material for tomorrow’s conference call and read the MMP. Guess which one is guaranteed to happen? :smiley:

Morning all! I’m up and at work; there was no MMP ready when I left home this morning. :wink: Thanks for the start, Swampy!

BooFae you and 'Im Indoors will be in my thoughts this weekend. You’re a sweet daughter to get your Mum jewelry, btw. :slight_smile: Always a good gift!

BBBBBobbio, have a safe flight to the left coast! :smiley: Happy Monday all. :slight_smile:

Looks like 5 productive activities out of 9 listed.
Batting over .500 sounds quite good to me… :slight_smile:

Well, I’m betting on the bacteria – they’ll grow no matter what you do to them…

**Bobbio **-- tell me you’re not flying on USscAir… :stuck_out_tongue: (I remember a flight I had with them, into Rochester NY in February 19mumblemumble, extremely vividly…! :eek: )

Here at irk, herding tweens, and watching the clock while surfing the Dope. I really just want the clock to hit 4 so I can go home and weave. I’m trying to set up my own business selling my crafts, and make enough money to ease out of the teaching field. Making $150 - $200 a weekend can be really seductive.

I have a vaca-day today. So far, I’ve slept, watched the weather report, slept, conversed with Nature, fed the cat, took my meds, and had breakfast.
Tomorrow I shall irk and be irked

I’ve fixed one drawing, and it’s sitting at the printer, waiting for me to pick it up.

I’ve surfed the Dope and the Geeb.

I’ve played several rounds of WordFeud.

I ate breakfast.

Blrgh. I want a do-over for this last weekend. With nice weather, darn it!


It can’t be Monday already! Just three more weeks until tax season is over with. Off to irk.

I have fifteen pieces of portable gear available for me to set up in various locations around the building. I have bookings for sixteen. :smack:

I’m sore as hail. It’s been bloody gorgeous here and, strangely, dry as a bone. Therefore, I’ve been working in the beds, specifically spreading mulch, all weekend. At work I plan on spreading even more mulch this week, albeit in a more figurative sense.

I’s sitting on my big fat keester in O’hare at the moment, waiting to continue on. My flight was uneventful, saw my Indyanner hometown from the air, and I waved to my sister from 32k feet.

I forgot who asked, but I’m not on US Scareways. It’s worse; I have Continental for the next leg.

Talley ho.

I am keeping a low profile at work. My boss’s dad was doing some stuff that made my job harder than it should be. He and Daddy Dearest had it out Friday in no uncertain terms for a hour or so ---- so as the non-family member working for a family business I’m going to duck-and-cover until I’m sure the fallout has settled.

Got to run up Cook Forest this weekend and scout some new pizza joints. The one that used to make the pies for our re-enactors for Friday night closed and 10 pies an hour for 3 hours can be a little much for some places. Especially since I don’t want to run all the way back to Leeper or Frogtown to get them.

Weather sucks – too cold to ride my scoot. The good news is we may have Her Ladyships Yamaha sold. Giving me garage space for --------- something.

My grandboss has been out of state all last week on biz-related travel. It’s been blissful, her absence. No longer: she’s baaaaaaaack.

Grading labs, whoop-dee-doo.

Went to the gym. Eating a Lean Cuisine. Meeting in 20 minutes. Search party required for missing pronouns.