The "stay-over" toothbrush: it's all downhill from here...

Yes, it’s true. There will soon be another toothbrush in my medicine cabinet.

Last night, before bed, my boyfriend Jeremy suggested he buy a toothbrush to leave at my place.

Now, he already has what he calls his scott evil bag® for when he spends the weekend. In it, he packs a couple of changes of clothes, a towel, various toiletries, sex toys, restraints, lube - you know, the stuff a good weekend is made of.

We always seem to be at the grocery store, or the drugstore, or the video store, or wherever (including our AA meetings) together. How domestic. We’ve even had a spat in the produce section, and I’ve gone schizo on him in the frozen foods section.

We’re going to wear matching Santa hats to a very, very public Christmas party on Sunday. I’m making myself retch, here.

But now… it’s the moment’s-notice-oh-hell-just-stay-the-night-I-know-I-have-to-work-tomorrow-who-cares toothbrush. :eek:

He shall now be known as Mr. scott evil.

::sigh:: Married life, ya know. I see a mini-van and a joint chequing account in the future. :wink:

Yes, there will be a Doper contingent invited to the wedding, but don’t hold your collective breath: we’re still arguing over the china and flatware patterns.

Gah! Janky coding! Janky coding! :smiley:

That’s so sweet. Good for you, scott. Now if I can just find a nice boy for pbrtallboy:wink:

but… I thought you were Mr. scott evil…

So, picking out china patterns yet? Matching his & his aprons?

Ah yes, “The Extra Toothbrush”. At least you got an extra for when you drop yours on the floor.

Congrats on this very special event.

Scott’s got a booooooooooyfriend. :slight_smile:

Sounds great! They say good things come in 3’s though. I wonder what the third wonderful thing will be, and when it’ll happen.

Wait, does this mean I should stop stalking you?

Congrats Scott.

Does Mr. scott evil post on SDMB, lurk here, or have no idea we exist? Tell him the teeming millions say “Hi.”

“Downhill” is right.

Next will be the “stay-over” dresser drawer, followed by the “stay-over” closet space. Then it will be cooking utensils, stereo components, and significant portions of his CD/DVD collection.

Before you know it, you’re living together.

Congratulations, Scott.

Ah, yes. I remember when Peanut bought a toothbrush for me to have at his place.

I’m now living there and intertwining myself in every fibre of his being.

You’re doomed! Doomed, I say!


Seinfeld: Let me ask you this. Are there any tampons in your house?
George: Umm, yes.
Seinfeld: You’re in a relationship!
George: Dammit!

Hmmm, on second thought, I guess that test doesn’t work for you. :wink: Unless your boyfriend is really weird.

Congratulations, Scott! :slight_smile:


Ain’t love wunnerful?! Hint: clear a shelf for him so you can keep the one you like best.

Ahh, yes. Have you picked out your respective sides of the bed yet? It’s not a decision to take lightly, it’s really hard to switch once you’re used to it! I prefer the right side.

What’s the gay word for “congratulations”?

Does this mean you’ll be sharing condoms too?