The Ted Cruz Symbol Looks Kinda like Al-Jazeera's

I’m not the only one to notice this:

For all that last site’s saying that “Liberals are Freaking Over Cruz’s Symbol, and Don’t Know What It Is!” , I gotta answer – No, it’s pretty clearly a flame with a star and the colors red, white, and blue. But it does look surprisingly like the al-Jaseera logo. Surely they muty have realized this.

I’m not freaking. The question is – are Cruz’ supporters?

It loks like lots of other things, too, including the Natural Gas logo (fill in your joke here), but the al-Jazeera similarity is the one the leapt out at me

Looks more like a tear drop than a flame.

Didn’t the Camp Fire Girls have something similar? Well, not too far off.

Let’s be realistic here: if you get professionals to design your logo they will accuse you of being slick; if you get your 8-yr-old daughter to do it they will accuse you of being amateurish.
I would take that as America’s Olympic Flame. Both slick and amateurish.

What’s wrong with Al Jazeera? Is someone confusing them with Al Qaida?

Well, Kuwait’s just laid off another 500 Jazeera staff**;** so there’s that.

Many RWs apparently do. Many’s the time I’ve seen AlJ labeled “the Al-Qaeda News Network” in the Intertubes.

Most right wingers know about as much about Al-Jazeera as they do about Al-Gebra.

Jesus. It’s a common shape. There are only so many shapes in the world. Of all the things to worry about regarding Ted fucking Cruz, this is so far down the list it doesn’t warrant a mention.

No doubt, but, a chance at turnabout is irresistible.

Its Fine.

Besides, it goes well with The New Symbol of the GOP

It reminds me of the soy ink logo.

Wasn’t he one of those #2 al Qaeda guys we killed back in the Iraq war days when we were killing one #2 guy or another about every other month?

This one is really close, but I’ve never seen it before.

Only now when I see it, I’ll think “Ted Cruz”

No, that’s where you’re wrong. That’s precisely what this is worth – a mention.

Which is why I’ve mentioned it.

We’ve progressed, now we’re killing the #2 guy in ISIS about once a month.

I feel safer already!

There was a thread on this several months ago. One theory advanced was that it’s based on the flame of Pentecost, as a subtle visual clue to evangelicals, Baptists,and so on.

I’m on my phone and can’t link, but google images for “Pentecostal flame” and you’ll see the resemblance.

My first thought was a drop of oil.

That is the winner!:smiley:

And honourable mention goes to…

I thought conservatives were against flag burning?