The tension between the two culminated in Cosby punching Smothers in the head

… and other sentences you never thought you’d read.

For some reason, the idea of most celebrities having lives and feuds and actually being real people often doesn’t occur to me, but even so, the idea of Bill Cosby punching Tom Smothers in the head at the Playboy Mansion strikes me as one of the weirder things I could have read tonight.

Can you top it for sheer surreality, either because of who was involved or because of their actions?

Jon Lovitz smacking down Andy Dick was a pretty unusual incident.

This link (in the endnotes to that wiki article) gives a few more details about the actual pinch.

I was following that blog when that post appeared. I had had no idea Smothers was such an incredibly arrogant asshole.

Smothers said:

Talk is cheap, buddy. I’d love to see that. Cosby’s probably eaten tougher punks for breakfast.

Andy Dick getting smacked down by someone he worked with is a sentence I would totally expect to read. I’m surprised I don’t read it more often.

Yeah, I don’t know much about Andy Dick, but it seems I always hear his name in conjunction with being a dick.

But Bill Cosby punching someone in the head at the Playboy Mansion strikes me as hilariously weird given I think of Bill Cosby as an obstetrician in a loud sweater or a dude doing “Picture Pages” for Captain Kangaroo!

Benjamin Britten (who was a pacifist) punched Leonard Bernstein once. They were riding in a cab together in New York, and Bernstein wouldn’t stop talking, which irritated Britten enough to punch him. (cite)

I psychically punch him every time I see him on TV.

I also remember Cosby from the series I Spy, so I guess it doesn’t seem as strange to me.

I could see Tom Smothers being really annoying. I can see Bill Cosby smacking him in the head. I can see someone hitting Andy Dick in the head with Jon Lovitz too. And someone should smack Bill Cosby in the head too. Maybe line them all up and do a double Moe.

It didn’t reach fisticuffs but Bob Dylan once kicked Phil Ochs out of his car because Ochs said he liked but didn’t love Dylan’s “Can you please crawl out your window.” The single bombed and wasn’t released on an album for 20 years.

Yeah, I can see someone wanting to take a swing at Tom Smothers. And Cosby is an actor, not Dr Huxtable.

Buzz Aldrin punched some moon hoax guy in the face once. It’s beautiful - you can see it on YouTube. Kapow!

Wow, so that’s PROOF! I mean, why would Buzz have been so defensive otherwise?

Wait, I’ve got it! He punched him because he knew the Freedom Fighter was about to divulge the address of the Moon soundstage* and the name of the director**.
*1368 Fulton Street

**Al Smithee, who of course, turned out to be Constantinos Gavras…