The thread idea that died

I just typed for about twenty minutes or so on a post. I deleted it all because even I couldn’t make sense of my chain of ideas.

I was into my third paragraph when I started to reread it and found out I was not just replying to the thread but had started off on some weird ass drunken mish-mash of ideas that made no sense. Ideas can be like that I guess, They morph into others as they come, a bit like the common cold.

I know I am not alone in this. There has been other threads on this same topic but I hope there are new ones by now. Me being a long lasting lurker (7 years I think) and just started drunken posting trust me I have had worse topics that I have typed out for nearly a half an hour only to read through the first few sentences and delete it because I was all over the place and didn’t get my point across.

When I remeber I will post what made me think of this. Give me fifteen minues or so to piss in the backyard and possibly fall in it. (maybe this should be a “Ask the drunk guy” thread. I have only had 12 shots and a 40 of OE, oh yeah and some wine I think. Maybe.

Excellent post/user name combination.

By now the subject should be “Ask the guy with the killer hangover”.

My sympathies. :stuck_out_tongue: