The Thread of Weathered Heads

Please feel free to post pictures of celebrities whose heads are rough-hewn and weathered-looking. I don’t necessarily mean very old people, just people who wouldn’t look out of place in a 19th century logging camp.

I’ll get the ball rolling with Stephen McHattie.,0,214,317_AL.jpg

Can’t link right now, but I think William Forsythe might fit.

I see what you mean, yeah. :slight_smile:,0,214,317_AL.jpg

The late Darrell Sandeen, as seen here in a bit part in LA Confidential, had a wonderfully blasted visage.

Danny Trejo’s face looks as if it was used as a wind-block by some less-weathered heads:

Was it an illness that caused it, I wonder.

Robert Patrick was always going to have the weathered look.

Partly. According to his Wikipedia entry:

Kramer’s face looked like an old catcher’s mitt after he took up smoking. Look away, he’s hideous!

If women are allowed in the logging camp I think Kellyanne could fit right in.

I’ve always thought the Wahlberg’s look a little rough.

Nice pics. Kellyanne’s pulling a mean trollface there.

Yeah, the Wahlbergs have the look. It’s as if they’ve lived most of their lives outside.

I’ve always felt that Lance Henriksen has the quintessential weathered look.

Willem Dafoe

Top, top weathered heads, lads. Thanks.

Jack Palance is another elder statesman of the weathered head scene. A nice mix of sun damage and frontier grit.

Tommy Lee Jones

Jerome Flynn (of Game of Thrones/Robson & Jerome fame)

Ernest Borgnine


Harvey Keitel

Niki Lauda was oxidized, not weathered.

Ron Perlman.
Luis Guzman.
Mickey Rourke.

Brad Dourif looks like he used to ride with some rough types.

You want weathered? Try Keith Richards. Honorable mention: Tom Waits.