The Three Stooges Should Sell...?

We have a “Three Stooges” program on Saturdays on WCIU-TV in Chicago, and the host of the show posed this question to random people in the street, so I thought I’d ask the same question to you all.

Question is? If the Stooges were around today what product do you think they should endorse?

It can be a brand name or a type. Like Hair products? or Ettiquette lessons?

So what do you think Stooge fans?

I think it would be something about how ‘accident prone’ they are. Some kind of insurance, like MetLife.

Or some pain-reliever, like Tylenol or Bayer. You can pretty much imagine shots of Moe getting hit with a hammer and then heading to the medicine cabinet after the filming is done.

Probably they would have pimped the 3 Stooges Beer that was out a few years ago.

Missed the edit window due to a barfing dog…

Anything highlighting their terrible decision-making and contrasting it with the great advice you would get from the advertiser.

Any Gold Bond product.

Hooked on Phonics!


But more seriously, MasterCard found a way to employ them in a recent ad that recommended to use the card for co-payments as the result of the typical violence.

“Accepted by optometrists, neurologists and orthopedists”. Why soitenly!

Any form of alternative medicine. They would’ve had knockout ads for chiropractic, acupuncture or aromatherapy.

But their greatest potential would have been in this field. :):eek::smack:

Steinway Piano.

Here’s another take on that.


I like how people are decorating their toilet with the end products. :eek:

Mrs. Smith’s Pies, for when you want to throw the very best.

Stanley Tools - never had a closer shave!

The company that owns the rights to the The Three Stooges have a few examples on their website of ad campaigns that have used the characters. Some of them are actually quite clever.

Start with footage of Moe poking Curly’s eyes. Then have Curly shilling safety goggles.

That’s really funny, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Of course if I ever bring up the topic again, I will have :slight_smile:

Haircare products. With before and after pictures.