The ULTIMATE Aldebaran Pitting.

________Well, this is to be an everlasting monument monument to our pathetic, sniveling troll-friend Aldebaran.

His vile and horrible lies and random inflammatory invective have gone on long enough.
In *every * thread he’s in, he spews his self-righteous bullsh*t. When will the madness stop? Pitted once, twice and a third time, he shows no signs of stopping. In his latest pitting, he insinuates retribution against people who’ve insulted his parents.

Dare I say it?



[sub]Oh, wait. I just found it.[/sub] :smiley:

The amount of time that this post must have taken to craft has me flabbergasted.

The smilies are actually links, too. A vote for Barfing Smiley here!

I wish I could say I was impressed.

Click the word parents.:cool:


Damn, **Ilsa[,/b] I tip my hat to you. That is one impressive piece of coding.
The sad part, of course, is that Aldebaran has spewed forth enough bullshit to make such a feat possible.
Oh yeah, if you’re reading this, Aldie, you’re momma was a :wally

Well, you should be. All of this Aldebaran pitting takes the heat off of you, doesn’t it?

Binarydrone: I agree. That must have taken a hell of a long time.

Ilsa_Lund: Clever link under the word “parents”. I missed that the first time 'round.

Reeder: Nobody cares.

You do know you will never get that 30 minutes back, right?

No offense, Meros, but that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. :slight_smile:

How did those end up not bold? I hadda add a space when I quoted you.

2 & 1/2 hours. But, it was more fun than studying. :smiley:

meros didn’t put a “/” in the closing bold tag, manny. (looking suspiciously) Are you sure you’ve been here three-and-a-half years? :smiley:

Man, is he/she wrong.

Wow, you really went through all of Adledbrain’s posts to put that together? My hats off to you. I got tired of him after only two or three posts.

Zev Steinhardt

BTW, am I the only person who keeps reading that name as “Alderaan”?

Man, I’ve seen Star Wars too many times.

Truly impressive.

It makes my feeble efforts at flaming seem, well, childish.


The catch Duke (there I got it right that time) is that vB code acts like html. If you don’t close a tag, or mistype the closing of the tag like I did (by adding a comma) it should make everything in the post bold

like[/,b] this sentence is.

For some strange reason it never interpreted my opening [ b ] tag. I don’t know how I did it but I would love to find out. I guess the old adage about nothing being foolproof to a talented enough fool is true.
Of course, the truly amazing part is that I previewed to make sure I got the Wally smiley right since I do almost all of my posting from the quick reply box and put the smilies in by hand. :smack:

(incidentally whoever added it to the software never put a trailing “:” into the code)

Oh my my my. I bow before you. I’d never have known the bio read “Lunatic of the Family.” :smiley: