The ultimate spin-off

(Asked permission to post this from Uncle Beer. Thanks UB, if you’re in town, let me know, I owe you one)

One of Montreal’s weekly alt-paper, Hour (no
links for reasons that will become obvious shortly),
has published a story this week about the latest
American Idol spin-off. No its not Papuasian
. It is only available on the net. And it’s a
hometown project. Doper dudes, Doper babes, there is
now a Pornstar académie. The way it works is
that the contestants have a nude photo shoot, followed
by a nude interview. Then, the female contestants
must perform fellatio on the male contestants, in
front of an audience :eek:, and that’s just for the
selection process (those who can’t maintain an
erection are eliminated) ! As the contest goes on,
more activities will proceeds (often selected by the
netaudience) with pairing chosen by the netaudience.
The winning couple (one male, one female) will star in a porn film !