The urge to create

Fellow Dopers,

How many of you ever have the urge to create something, from creative writing to designing a game to composing music to inventing a new dish to something even more esoteric?

If you ever have such an urge, what was that you want to create, and what is the ultimate outcome of said urge? Did you complete your goal, or was it eventually dropped or shelved?

I once had the urge to learn to play guitar. Years later I’m happy to say its one of the best things I ever did because I’ve stuck with it and I now spend a large percentage of my waking hours playing guitar and/or recording. I’ve also taken up bass guitar, and am starting to learn drums. You can check out some of my stuff if you’re bored, at

I would have to say my goal of learning guitar is complete, even though I still learn new techniques and am improving constantly. But I now have a larger goal of just making music that hopefully someone will enjoy listening to.

I am controlled by my need to make things. I do beadwork (embellishment and thing like brick stitch and daisy chain), some wirework, sew, cook, spin, weave, I’m planning on learning to knit, do costume/pattern design, and my SO has tried to teach my chainmail.
When I was at school, I became a fanatical bread baker, because there were’t any decent bead or fabric shops in Ottawa, and I had to do something.
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I don’t know why, must be hormonal, but I read this as ‘The Urge to Procreate’…

Must be that time of the month again.


Two years ago I made a clone of myself out of newspapers and duct tape. Her name is Susan Bananahands.

We have a lot of fun when we go out together, but she always get more attention then I do.

Interesting :slight_smile:

Anybody has experience in creative writing?

I occasionally write poetry. I make a point of writing exceptionally stupid poems that fit the various forms (e.g., sonnets, haikus, etc.).

I often find myself haveing the urge to create. Mostly I want to make movies or write a book. Even better I’d like to write a book then turn it into a movie. Unfortunately I I am too picky to get anywhere with the idea. In order for me to be willing to make a movie I would have to have the best equipment, cast and crew as well as a huge budget to be able to not be held back by anything. My problem with writeing a book is I haven’t yet found a good enough idea for a story. So usually my urges are just put back in the back of my mind where I will keep them until everything is just right for me to begin working with the idea.

I’m a woodworker.

You have a script in that page that tries to read passwords…

Like Lissla, I am controlled by my urge to create.

When I was 4, I left drawings scattered all over the floor. I drew all the time. I never got over it. I loved to draw cats and people. Now I draw (and paint) mostly people. (I am a portrait artist.)

I’ve also learned calligraphy, photography, pottery, sewing, piano, crochet. Now I’m into digital art and web design. Not that I’m that great at crochet or piano or these other things, but I am pretty good at pottery.

My latest creative outburst is a 100+ page website about art (with articles and tutorials, and stuff). It just all busted out of me - I’ve written and illustrated it in about 2 months. I have a lot to say about art, apparently. (It’s getting a lot of good feedback, though.)

I keep getting urges to write stories. I’d have a flash of inspiration, but then, about two or three pages through, the excitement would peter out and I’d give up (the longest story being about 16 pages long, but I’ve given up on that one long ago). I have stacks and stacks of half-finished stories, and am currently working on one now. I’ve been that way since I was a child, actually… Somehow, the inspiration would take me so far, then I’d set it aside and wait for more inspiration. Sometimes, I’d really get more inspiration, but more often than not, I’d get back to the story after a few months (or even weeks) and suddenly think, “Whoa, this is utter crap” and abandon it. :rolleyes: Sometimes I really hate myself…

I don’t draw a lot (an artist I am definitely not), but sometimes the urge to draw comes over me and I… well… draw. My current theme is winged cats, and this week I’ve drawn a winged tiger sentinel, a winged tabby-cat knight (with shield and sword, too), that sort of thing.

Mostly, though, I write [sub]and abandon and rewrite and give up and start a new story and…[/sub]

My job is pretty creative. I also still create huge things in my head - plans, stories, future novels. I’m generally too lazy to carry it through, but one day…

I write fiction, paint miniatures, and my newest hobby: Our molds just came in yesterday, so as soon as we get some dental plaster, I’ll also make buildings.

I try my hand at writing different things (stories, poetry, scripts, etc.), but I need to dedicate myself. I need the discipline (not that kind…but maybe later) to stick with an idea instead of getting frustrated and giving up.

“No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell.” - Antonin Artaud

I too am controlled by my urge to create. I seriously studied art (planning on being an art teacher) for most of my life, but finally decided that being forced to create (for projects and classes and such) took all the fun out of it. So nowaways, I have a huge metal shoebox thingy filled with oil paints, water colors, oil pastels, and acrylic paints, about a hundred paintbrushes I’ve collected over the years, and easily thirty or forty blank canvases. One moment I’ll be here at the computer, another I’ll be scrambling to get my easel set up and the right colors on my palette. Most of my friends have at least one original painting (I really enjoy framing and matting them too), because I don’t have room for them all.

I also often get the urge to write. I carry around a little black hardbound journal at all times and whip it out whenever I have a cool thought, an interesting image, or if I hear a great quote. Most things never make it out of the book, but some end up in poems or in my ultimate creative writing, the book I’ve been working on for about four years now (it’s at three hundred pages, but the parts I wrote a long time ago are horrible and my plot is messed up and I doubt it’ll ever see the light of day).

I keep an official journal that I write in once a month or so, but I consider my most important artistic endeavor my scrapbooks. I have kept one a year since I was 13. Basically, it’s an output of my combined literary and artistic creativity. It’s hard to describe, but every page is some sort of college of images and words. For example, one page might have a layered mix of images from a magazine with some combined theme and maybe lyrics from a song I love that somehow relates. Another page is painted blue with layered colored tissue paper and then a piece of Chinese-design printed stationary with a poem written on it. It’s very satisfying and very personal, so few people ever see it, but it serves as a sort of diary of images. I update it as much as possible and usually fill one big black hardbound sketchbook up in a year. It’s nice because I can flip through it and remember things about a certain time I had forgotten. Like on one page, there’s a label from a Nature Company candle I burned all summer, and whenever I open that page the scent causes me to remember a certain day with overwhelming intensity.

I also crochet terrible scarves, make jewelry, sculpt ocassionally, and build dinosaur models. And unfortunately, when I cook, it’s usually a little too creative, which causes everyone in my family to run screaming in terror.

Gus, who or what is this in reference to, please?

your humble TubaDiva

My creative outlet is music. How it usually works is I’ll sit down in my music room, boot up my studio (95% of it is on my PC), launch the apps and start playing around with a piano patch or rhythm loop. After a while something clicks (usually) and I’ll record it and build on it. After a couple hours of fleshing it out (with keyboard patches, guitar and bass) I’ll stop. Then I’ll open up the tracks and peck away at all the bum notes until I like it. Then I’ll mix it. After a while of mixing I’ll sit back and listen to it a bunch of times and go “cool”. Then I set it aside.

A couple days later I’ll sit down in my music room, boot up my studio (95% of it is on my PC), launch the apps and start playing around with a piano patch…

I’m sorry but ~

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I create a lot of things, which admittedly have only evil applications.