The Venture Bros. was GREAT!

Did anyone catch this on Adult Swim? If subsequent episodes are like the first one, The Venture Bros. may be my new fave cartoon. Think Jonny Quest-like bunch vs. Tick-esque villains. The writing is pretty damn good, too!

The first episode, Dia de los Dangerous!, was hilarious. The Monarch was a great villain. Dr. Venture losing both his kidneys? Priceless. Brock Sampson. Need I say more? I mean, really. The name alone had me in fits of giggles.

My ReplayTV just got a new assignment! A dangerous assignment!

That wasn’t the first episode, I’ve seen another one or two. I don’t know what it is about that show, but it weirds me out. I did get a kick out of Brock’s scenes in the episode last night.

This would be my favorite show if was about Brock Samson. I burst out laughing whenever he did anything. The professor having both kidneys stolen was good, and there was one or two other gags with him that I found funny, but I found most scenes that didn’t involve Brock lame by comparison.

Did the same guy that made this cartoon create Ren and Stimpy? I think I may have heard that from somewhere.

I’m clueless about the Ren and Stimpy connecction (have you checked imdb?), but I noticed some backgrounds in the Monarch’s Cocoon of Doom (or whatever the devil he called it) had a framed photo of what I identified as Two Stupid Dogs among his decor.

Make of that what you will.

I LOVE this show. I also saw it when Adult Swim had it one a month or two ago, and I wondered where it went, and now it’s back! I alos love Patrick Warburton, and he is by far the best voice for Brock, IMHO.

It’s a great play on the campy, “detective” shows of the 60’s and 70’s. I also liked how the father actually got the name of one of his sons wrong.

And is it just me, or does it seem that Dr. Girlfriend (The Monarch’s girlfriend) once had a penis? She has an awfully deep and coarse voice.

What Adult Swim will do is air a pilot and then pour over the internet seeing what people’s reactions are. Then maybe they’ll order a series based on it. It’s been a very long wait for this. Looking at TV tome the pilot first aired Feb 16, 2003. And then again in June. They did the same thing with Harvey Birdman. Looks like we wont be seeing Stroker & Hoop until 2005. Bummer.

But I really liked where they took it. The first one was mostly about the 2 sons who were both straight out of a 50s Disney show tossed into seedy New York. Good for a single gag show but not for a series. Brock got almost no airtime, although he did pee on a mummy. I actually thought this one was kinda slow but everything is there for a really great show. They just have to bring it all together. Can’t wait for next week.

When Adult Swim showed the pilot they said it was for a show that didn’t get picked up. I was soooo disappointed to hear that, cause it was great! Completely in the whole AS style of adult humor.

I guess either they were lying (sort of like now, when they keep saying that ATHF or Sealab is cancelled) or more likely the reaction was so positive they changed their minds.

Best scene in the original pilot, when the little UN security guard tells Brock (who had a knife on his belt) that no weapons are allowed inside, Brock sort of maniacally smirks and says, “Go ahead, TRY AND TAKE FROM ME!”

So all those commercials are just giant mindfucks? Because we are not amused.

That’s what makes it so funny.

I think the joke is that they’re playing off the season finale from last year where the title was often printed as “The Last One …” when the full title was “The Last Fucking one of 2003.” Resulting in a torrents of worried speculation around the net last year.

I took out my “I don’t get it either” when I remembered the rucuss from last year so it may not be clear that I was only joking in my first line.

I hadn’t heard that, but I’m reminded of Ren and Stimpy (which is unfortunate because I hated it) whenever I see the pile of botulismic muscles that is Brock’s face. Although the art style is still less gross than Ren and Stimpy’s.

I don’t see any connection to Ren and Stimpy on the IMDB page for the show. I do see one with The Tick: in addition to Patrick Warburton (The Tick himself), there’s Christopher McCullouch (writer/director/Hank Venture), who wrote for The Tick.

Definitely not from John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren and Stimpy (although his later cartoon, The Ripping Friends, is full of 'roided-out musclemen who are reminiscent of Brock in appearance).

This Tick-related website hasn’t been updated in a while, but it says The Venture Bros. comes from former creators of The Tick cartoon (and Patrick Warburton, who played the live-action Tick, does Brock’s voice).

Dammit, beaten by one minute!