The Virgin Coronadoomer vs The CHAD Lockdown Skeptic

I had to share this with you; I couldn’t help it, sorry. Found it extremely amusing regardless of whether it is right or wrong :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The link to the meme:
An alternative mirror:

Okay, you have a poor grasp of the words “famous” and “amusing.” Maybe you should have been crushing on an English tutor?

I don’t know how to convince you about my English but let’s reach a consensus that my English is bad (with the help of other senior forum members) and I will pay out of my pocket for an English course/tutor/whatever and show you that my English has improved and then apologize to you profusely for whatever I have done or written. I swear to God I will do this and show you whatever proof you want.

I was not literally questioning your ability to comprehend English. I was alluding to the utter lack of anything remotely amusing in that sickening piece of incel tripe that you linked.

Incel tripe? I’m sorry it made you this angry. It is also supposed to make fun of the lockdown sceptics’ attack on the pro-lockdown people. It is funny how we see different things in the same picture. I think you need to relax and see the funny side of things. :slight_smile:


So, who is the incel here? The creator of the meme/picture? The people who laugh at it? The people who find it funny?

It’s funny how, the way Chad is drawn, it looks like he’s actually got his arse on backwards, and that’s his butt you’re seeing in front.

Well, I laughed anyway.

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I chuckled, but I don’t think the SDMB, on the whole, will appreciate Reddit humor.

The weirdness of it all. Guys who consider themselves “real men” buy can’t get people (not just women) to like and respect them. How is this different from being a jerk?

Being familiar with the original meme (which IS incel tripe - that doesn’t mean this mockery of it is), I laughed a little. I feel the Chad part of it is partially off-point, though. Shouldn’t two extremes be shown? Instead of mostly extremes, but some reasonable measures on both sides? I feel like whoever made this doesn’t really understand the point of the meme. Then again, I’m probably putting more thought into this than the creator did.

What’s the point of the meme? I first stumbled upon it through someone who seems to associate with one of the characters so I’m not sure the point of view was healthy.

This could be read as incel tripe but also could be read as satire of the incel worldview, depending on how you look at it. I mean, this probably goes for most incel tripe that may have originally been shared earnestly. And I don’t one needs to agree with an incel mindset to find some humor or amusement or even some truths in the hyperbole. And as someone else mentioned about reddit humor I think most here won’t appreciate it but also have a general difficulty relating to humor in general.

That’s because all Chads have huge penises, even though many attractive people with a lot of sex partners do not and there are many virgin redditors in big dick support groups.

I don’t see the poll, but I vote “not funny”.

What do you mean? This meme has nothing to do with “real men” notion.

This is a long going reddit thing. It is not particularly associated with incel stuff. Chad is always a positive figure, not the oppressor of incels. It’s tongue in cheek, in other words.

If we wanted image memes, we’d enable images in posts. This is trash.

It is a Reddit thing, yes. But it does come from redpill/blackpill ideas about people. Granted, it’s possible it’s a mockery of their terms, but those are their terms. The Chad is the guy who gets the ladies, while everyone else is the “virgins,”

Outside of that group, the Chad is the obnoxious privileged asshole, and thus isn’t used positively.

(Personally, with the art style and style of humor, I actually most associate it with 4chan. It’s ironic irony–mockery by embracing the bad stuff. I think it just moved to Reddit due to the large overlap in the earlier days.)