Your response to this picture and caption

You may have to scroll down a teeny bit. It’s an ad. Doesn’t matter what it’s for; I’ll tell you afterwards. The caption I’m concerned with is the one in the picture, not above where it says “C’est cheese”. Click the link and tell me what you’d say in response to the caption. First thing that comes to mind. Or a carefully thought out witty rejoinder, whichever.

Classic lolcat format and font - but without cats. Or lol.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a guy, but I’m completely blanking on how this is supposed to be funny or something. The caption is ‘Meet Craig’. Ummm…

“Hello, Craig!” :dubious:

Also, what Quartz said.

Count me among the confused and underwhelmed.

Don’t worry, guys. I’m a female who’s going, “Whhuu???”

I’m with I Am The Lorax. Female and befuddled…

No reaction. No point I could see. Just adding to the post count.

Er… “Hi Craig”?

“I don’t get it, what am I supposed to be looking for, ‘Meet Craig’, that can’t be what the OP is talking about. Can’t read what the rest of the paper says, whatever, [close that page, back button back to new posts]”

Count me among the “what?” brigade. If required to respond to an invitation to meet Craig, I would be likely to say, “No thanks”. But I don’t understand the point of this thread.

“Do I have to meet him? Can’t I just let him carry my groceries to the car?”

But, yeah, I’m not sure where you’re going with this, either.

"Hi Craig. Nice to meet you. Just to be up front with you from the outset, I’m not into guys sexually, OK? "

Craig is a stalker.

No witty rejoinder. I imagine the person who wrote the caption knows “Craig,” who used to be a model, and this is a photo of him.

At the very least this thread could be a roll call of every Doper who likes to post in a thread that has no point other than to post in. Hey, I did twice already and I still have no clue why Craig matters.

No further explanation needed.

I don’t know about the caption so much, but the first thing that came to mind was Date Rapist.

Craig’s not going on *my *list.

Dude, I love your list!