The Walking Dead; 3.07 "When the Dead Come a Knocking" (open spoilers)

How much does half a leg weigh?

Has the Governor moved from not doing anything to warrant bad guy status to being a bad guy yet?

I thought the reason the governor wanted Andrea to kill the dying patient was to 1.) squelch her bloodlust and 2.) make her beholden to his group.

She didn’t kill the dying patient she put down his reanimated corpse. I’m not sure that makes her beholden to the town. At least not any more than receiving medical treatment and giving her a safe place to live.

They’ve referred to that area several times as “The Red Zone.” I assume that the Governor has cleared out a certain area around Woodbury and that beyond that, it’s no man’s land to him. Merle also referred to the Red Zone in last week’s episode, and the number of zombies on the trail leads me to think that this is that area.

I don’t think they trust her. They just know that she’s the only connection to their people. After getting Carol back, they might not be thinking clearly about whether or not she’s got actual information, and 1) she was shot and 2) she did bring formula.

She did not.

I believe she does, and is waiting to use that information as leverage. Michonne doesn’t trust anyone, not even Andrea, but information (like bullets or food) is currency to her.

And I agree that she seems traumatized from not only this PAW, but perhaps from before. Her reaction in the trailer for next week led me to believe that there’s something more about her that they haven’t shown.


That aint Tyreese.

Would anyone be willing to quickly summarize what happened. I won’t be able to watch it until next week and couldn’t care less about spoilers.


Merle tortured Glenn and locked him in the room with a walker. Glenn kept his mouth shut and managed to kill the walker even though he was tied to a chair.

The governor sexually assaulted (but didn’t rape?) Maggie and then threatened to shoot Glenn and she spilled the beans on the prison.

Rick gathered a team to follow Michonne to the prison to break them out.

The governor sends Andrea to help the scientist experiment on whether a zombie retains any memory of its prior life.

At the end of the episode, the governor sends a team to check out the prison and Rick’s team is arriving at Woodbury.


I’m really wondering where Andrea’s loyalty lies when the shit hits the fan. She’s really snuggling up to the governor and seems to like this new way of life. Obviously, there’s going to be a Merle/Daryl showdown. But, what about Andrea vs. Michone and the crew?

I didn’t quite get the point of the almost rape, it feels like they just wuzzed out.

How psychotic could he be? He managed to survive that long in the zombie apocalypse. Meeting Rick & Co. did him in, of course…

Rick and company’s treatment of Michonne is a strong statement that they are operating under pure tribalism, which is pretty reprehensible to see depicted onscreen.

Further, Merle and The Governor using their varied torture techniques on Glenn and Maggie, and Rick’s group stabbing the poor hermit and throwing him to the zombies, indicates that the show has hit a point where every character is an amoral piece of shit.

I might be alone on this, but that revelation will seriously impact my interest level in the show. I don’t need a token “good guy” to root for, but at least give me competing ideologies. At this point, what is the difference between Rick’s group and the Woodbury folks? Watching their showdown will be like watching two rats fight: possibly interesting, but do you care who prevails?

I didn’t write that he had always been psychotic; just that he had suffered a break at some time in the past. He may have been the last survivor of his own little group, and losing his companions sent him over the edge; and that could have happened a few days earlier.

I don’t think they set out to kill the cabin guy. They didn’t even realize he was in the cabin, and when they did tried to calm him down. The guy’s wigging out was an obvious danger, and when he attempted to open the door (thus bringing in more walkers in a confined space–a recipe for quick death–Michonne did the only thing she could do in skewering him. And once he was freshly dead, it would have been foolish to make tactical use of his corpse.

I am also not so sure of Andrea’s loyalties. I rewatched Season two over the Holiday weekend and she was really never happy with their group, she has good reason to believe she was abandoned (not saying she was but she can think so), she was alone with Michonne a lot longer than she was with their group, and, finally, she is banging the Governor.

At best she would just be a familiar face.

I figured he was a crazy old hermit pre-apocalypse, and shambling people trying to break into his cabin and eat him just made him more on edge.

I don’t think they set out to kill him either, but they broke into his cabin, stabbed him, and tossed him outside to be eaten, then proceeded on without comment. The fact that Michonne went for the impalement instead of a trip or tackle says a lot about her character; the fact that the others didn’t seem to mind says a lot about theirs.

I’m wondering if Michonne is also thinking there is not much difference in the two groups. When they first brought her in she was hand cuffed and her sword was taken and Rick told her she couldn’t leave. They also pressed on her wound in a form of torture to get information. As soon as Rick did that I feel he realized that he had crossed a line and backed off. They treated her wound and were more civil to her. I think the scene where she watched Carol with the baby was curious to her as if she didn’t know quite how to categorize it.

The almost rape scene I think was just to show the psychological intimidation and terror that the governor was willing to use to get what he wanted. And personally I don’t think he wanted the information as much as he wanted to show her who was in control. He has his minions to meat out the physical torture whereas his delight comes from the psychological manipulation he uses.

I was thinking about the whole Woodbury vs Prison environments. In Wy they live in memory of the past, in denial. They have this bubble around them in the form of barriers so they don’t have to be confronted by any of the reality outside their walls. You might even look at the hermit as the ultimate destination of that form of mentality. Good for the short term only.

Whereas the Prison group is totally in the moment, dealing w/reality every single moment. It has made them stronger individually and as a unit and I think this makes them ready to take on the Gov’s pansies.

I voted earlier that I would want to stay in Pleasantville but maybe I was wrong about that.

Ah, good point!

If she’s thinking that, then she’s correct. This season has set up two equally detestable tribes, with Michonne as a sort of ‘free agent’ who is inhuman and amoral in her own way.

I was expecting a good cop / bad cop routine, wherein Maggie was placed in a room where she could hear Glenn’s beating, then The Governor would come in and be kind to Maggie, and note that he could make Merle stop if only Maggie would tell him what he needed to know. But that would involve The Governor being deferential for a few minutes, which he probably can’t stomach.

I’d say you’re right, though it is a very common trope in film and television that male characters must endure physical pain, while female characters suffer emotional pain.

I think the Mr. Coleman interlude implies that the Woodbury residents are very aware of their situation, and are invested in their survival, rather than being in the thrall of The Governor and in denial about the apocalypse.

Between the Woodbury archer gal who bragged about her skills, then couldn’t hit a thing, and Glenn’s “We’ve been on the road!” remarks, I think that the idea of Woodbury’s folks being a lot softer and weaker than they think they are is being set up nicely. Whereas Rick’s gang is hard as a coffin nail.

Reasonable minds can disagree, but since Rick joined the gang:
Merle - left for dead
Amy - dead
Ed - dead
Jim - dead
Jacqui - dead
Sophia - dead
Otis - dead
Dale - dead
Shane - dead
Patricia - dead
Jimmy - dead
T-Dog - dead
Andrea - left for dead
Carol - assumed to be dead, not searched for, miraculously survived

I didn’t count Lori, since it was a medical condition, not a zombie death. But still, life in Woodbury is a lot of things, but it’s nowhere near as lethal as life with Rick.

What did people think of the Mr. Coleman subplot? It’s to The Governor’s credit that he’s ordering or allowing research like this, which could pay major dividends. We as viewers already know that walkers can retain some aspects of their prior lives, since Morgan’s wife returned to her last refuge every night after being turned. I assumed that Andrea’s smug dismissal of the idea stems from Amy-as-walker trying to bite her.