The Walking Dead; 3.07 "When the Dead Come a Knocking" (open spoilers)

It’s the penultimate before the winter hiatus. Carol’s alive after all, Glenn & Maggie are guests of the Governor, and Michonne has met up with the group. Now is she going to be able to express herself like a normal person, or will this turn into a parody of Lassie?

It seems to me that the character of Michone has a limited emotional range, her reaction to any situation is…

Grumpy Scowl!

Sort of like Kathy Ireland’s character in the MST3K experiment “Alien from L.A.” whose entire emotional range consisted of “Dull Surprise”…

Ok, so the kid will be named Judith. And there was a Judith who cut off a head, in the Biblical Apocrypha. Sounds good.

I’m guessing that was Tyreese who left the wall and passed Andrea at the end of the episode. Which side will he end up on do ya think?

I think Michonne may have had some pretty serious physiological issues before the apocalypse and they’ve just gotten worse since (which makes sense, especially if she was medicated). It’s almost like she’s autistic. What’s really odd is the amount of immediate trust the others placed in her. Did she actually mention Meryl and/or Andrea by name & I just missed it? :dubious: Given how much time she’s spent with Andrea and how much Andrea’s told her she’s got to have realized it’s the same group by now. Is there a scene missing? Nobody seems to be questing what her motivation is for leading them to Woodbury to rescue 2 people who are strangers to her. Speaking of mental issues; what’s up with the guy in the cabin? Did he really think the police still existing or was he just saying shit to stall for time? He’s pretty close to Woodbury; was he some kind of watchman?

Yeah, i didn’t get the crazy guy in the cabin either. The area was completely over ran with walkers, he was very close to the town and those guys are not friendly at all, and he was just plain deranged (yelling, threatening to call the cops, asking to see a badge). It just didn’t make any sense for him to be there.

I think “crazy” explains much. The guy was delusional – threatening to call the police, for Athena’s sake. Clearly he’d suffered a full-on psychotic break, and though he retained enough rationality to understand that the world outside his walls was dangerous, he no longer understood the nature of that peril.

It explains the way he acted but not why he is there, the Governor is not exactly tolerant and that area was swarming with zombies.

I think the have made a mistake with the way they have presented Michonne. It is almost like they just assumed everyone would love her because they read the comic (which I do) but no, that doesn’t work. They need to give viewers a reason to like and root for her and since she has said make six words all season, we really don’t have any reason to. I get they want her to be the Mysterious Badass character that all of these type of shows have but they did it wrong.

I have to wonder if there was more to that scene that was cut out. It seemed so randomly placed. I mean, they could have taken that 90 seconds and stuck it just about anywhere in the entire series (with some corrections in which characters were present). I get the feeling there was more story to tell, they ran out of time, but after spending a fifty grand to shoot it, couldn’t justify leaving the entire thing on the editing room floor.

Did anyone catch the little joke thing about why Carol’s hair is short…so she isn’t confused with Michonne.

I have to say, I thought it was a really, really good episode, too bad it left so much open and I don’t think Merle’s name was mentioned one time. I’m sure I’m not the only person who hoped every time Michonne opened her mouth she would mention Merle or Andrea. That seemed like a glaring omission on her part. It was completely obvious that Merle knew Glenn and that’s information that she should have mentioned to someone. Of course, she does like withholding things.

See: Tara

Other problem with Michonne in this episode: if she “Don’t want your help” so badly why did she lug the baby formula all the way there? Maybe having the episode take a few minutes to talk about that would, I don’t know, make her into a person instead of a plot device.

I don’t think she wants their help, but knew they were going out to get the baby formula, so they must need it, so she was bringing it back for them. She doesn’t need anyone’s help, but she seems to like helping others. Same way she took a sick Andrea under her wing. They never did explain why she dragged her all over the place either.

That is a head-scratcher. There’s no way she hasn’t made the connection by now; I was expecting it last week when she saw the happy couple at the market. I get that it makes for better theater later in the show for the Big Realization to occur, but I’m guessing most of the fans are surprised that the relationships haven’t already been articulated.

Slight aside, as this isn’t about the specific episode from tonight, but where does “the Walking Dead” take place? Of course the first episodes of the first season spend a lot of time in the Atlanta, Georgia, and at a (fictionalized) version of the Center for Disease Control, but Rick’s group had seem to have been traveling for some time before they reached the farm. And between seasons 2 & 3, the group had been running from zombies for at least 8 months (long enough for Lori to have gone full-term, and IIRC she mentioned she was even late.) Are they still even in Georgia?

They’re still in Georgia.

Sorry, but I can’t agree with that at all. She wants to take the Governor down and get Andrea back. The formula was the leverage she used to get inside. Rick had to know she at least saw G and M as she had the basket and formula.

The one thing I question was Rick not leaving at least one strong “soldier” to protect the group at the prison. They really seem under armed at this point.

If the Gov is sending out soldiers to the prison to check it out that will leave fewer for Rick and co. to overcome.

Loved how both Merle and Gov were incredulous that a small group had been able to take over the prison. I seriously doubt that Merle and crew would have even come close to doing what Rick’s group accomplished.

Rick knows she saw them, she said she saw an Asian boy and a girl that was with him. But lets just say she wandered to the prison on her own (without seeing the abduction)…she wouldn’t have gone back. She didn’t have any intention of ever going back until they asked her to show her how to get in and out. If she hadn’t found the prison, she never would have thought about that place again.

That, I can agree with. The strongest person there is the prisoner. I think Rick is thinking to highly of Carl. I get the feeling that either in the next episode or in the first episode of the next season, they’ll all be meeting back up under unfortunate circumstances. Of course, if all he sends out is Merle and two guys, they might be able to pick them off through the fence. Or at least pick off the other two guys and keep the Merle at bay until Darryl gets back.

ITA with everyone’s comments about Michonne’s reticence. They had time in the car to ask her more questions about Woodbury, and to ask for more details about the man who took Glenn and Maggie. She surely must trust them – they’re not a threat to her and they’re not liabilities who might get in her way or slow her down.

There’s no excuse for her not telling them about Andrea. There’s going to be shooting, and shouldn’t she want Rick’s people to know not to kill her blonde friend?

Yeah, the writers know it’s going to be cool when Daryl and Merle come face to face, but it’d still be cool if Daryl knew Merle was going to be in Woodbury.

Glenn’s fight with the walker was one of the best sequences in the series so far.

I like Hershel’s new look, with the trimmed beard and moustache, and the little pony tail. He looks to have lost weight from last season.

Carol’s looking younger. She’s been absolutely haggard for 2.5 seasons but not now. Guess that what happens when you’re in love.

The Governor didn’t seem to think there was much hope for Mr. Coleman, but I’m puzzled about why he wanted Andrea to be the one to kill him. He would know that the Tea Man wouldn’t do it, but he could have used someone else. Unless he though he needed all his manpower on the wall.

It was interesting that the Tea Man (no listing for him at IMDB) is using techniques that are used with Alzheimer’s patients. I chuckled at his comment about telecommuting, so he missed most of the apocalypse.

What’s the schedule – one or two more episodes and then a long break?