The Walking Dead; 3.08 "Made to Suffer" (open spoilers)

Mid-season finale tonight. AMC’s been airing a season 3 marathon all day. Glen & Maggie are being held captive in Woodbury. Rick, Daryl, Oscar, & Michonne are on their way to Woodbury. The Governor knows about the prison, and Merle & Daryl are about to be reunited (also the Gov’s going to find out Merle lied about Michonne). No more episodes 'till spring.

My husband and I are having a disagreement - he says that the mom who had a chunk bitten out of her arm is going to turn, so they should leave her or kill her. I say that if the bite doesn’t cause her to bleed out or get an infection and die, she’ll be okay, since everyone is infected now and small bites and scratches don’t matter. What say you all?

Just can’t let a black guy live, can they.

Ew. Ew.

I was just thinking the same thing! Time for a new Background Useful Minority. I wonder if Michonne has spoken too many words to be classified as the weeks BUM?

The fight with Michonne and the Guvna was gruesome.

Where did the new crew come from?

Michonne is getting alot more talkative. I loved her interaction w/ Penny, before she realized Penny was a zombie. I also liked Carl this episode; it’s like he was a minature Rick. :slight_smile: Probally thinking what a wus the teenager was that he couldn’t even watch somebody else put down his mother.

I screamed so loud at some points that a neighbor’s dog barked. I live in a (rented) house. I don’t talk to my neighbors. I don’t know them. I’ve not seen anyone that doesn’t have a small dog if they have a dog.

My lhasa apso/shitzu mix ran in the room when she heard the other dog and barked at me.

That was an intense episode.

They replaced him with a new token black guy from the other group of survivors.

I’m cynical. I did think “they went thru two black guys already?”

Didn’t it look like Penny was responding to the music, and to her dad’s voice? I suppose it could have been bad acting, but she seemed to calm down a bit when he spoke to her. I felt for him.

Chuckled at the convict assuming Carol was a lesbian because of her haircut. Grossed out at Glenn’s makeshift weapons. My, but he’s come a long way.

Glad to see Cutty from The Wire as Tyreese. It’ll be interesting to see how he and Rick get along.

Surprised that the Governor didn’t take Andrea’s gun, but he’s distracted.

I thought Carol was kind of stupid for correcting him - next thing you know, he’s all, “How you doin’?” Silly woman.

So, shall I assume none of you know the answer to my question? :slight_smile:

To answer your question-
We wondered if the bite caused her legs to quit working because they were carrying her- perhaps a bite causes blood infection to render her unable to walk? I think with even a smallish bite, a person is doomed, IMHO.

Bites are always almost immediately deadly, it’s been like that the entire show. Everyone being infected just means everyone turns when they die for any cause, apart from that there is something to the zombie bites that kills. One of the prisoners was apparently going to die from being stabbed by a broken zombie bone while Michonne was perfectly fine taking a lap full of zombie buts on top of a bullet hole so they are not entirely consistent on how it works. But bites have always been a death sentence.

Hmm, now I’m wondering where I got the idea that they weren’t - I think it was from Satchel, and Rick cutting off his leg to save his life.

So, in spite of the show being somewhat inconsistent on this point, a scratch or bite from a zombie means a death sentence, even if the bite is a small one?

I didn’t see her reacting to anything except the bowl of brains the Governor had put out for her.

You know, if I had a chunk of glass sticking out of my eye socket, what I would want more than anything else was a piece of gauze pressing on it!

Yup. Small ones just mean you last a little longer. Jim lasted over a day in season one.

Actually I guess we don’t know how much time went by between the bite and when she croaked, they mighta spent the night in there.

It’s Hershel. And the whole reason he cut off his leg so quickly was so that he could keep the zombie bite “infection” from spreading to the rest of his body.

There no real inconsistency, just unknown “magical” properties of zombie bites. I don’t think scratches ever do anything; the zombies much bite flesh with their teeth.

Everyone seemed pretty convinced the prisoner that got stabbed by a broken zombie bone was going to turn and had to be killed, I doubt they were just assuming.

Everybody turns when they die, it had nothing to do with what he was stabbed with.

ETA: Oh wait, “prisoner”? Are you talking about another episode? I don’t remember another zombie bone stabbing.