The Walking Dead; 3.08 "Made to Suffer" (open spoilers)

It wasn’t a bad stab, it was just a cut behind his shoulder. Dude was perfectly fine.

Doh! :smack:

Yeah, that makes sense.

Wait, are we talking about Tiny? Because he was definitely bitten. Or are we talking about the guy Maggie stabbed? Because he bled out, just like he would have she’d stabbed him in the neck with a non-zombie bone.

Poor Darryl.

And for serious, we have Tyrese now, so Oscar has to die? Fuck you Walking Dead, that’s starting to seriously piss me off.

Sadly, the first thing I thought of when I saw Tyreese was ‘Well…I guess that means Oscar’s gonna die.’ Of course, I reassured myself that would be stupid and completely transparent. The fact that they can’t seem to have two main black men on the show at the same time. I mean, when we all called Oscar the replacement black guy after T-Dawg died, I know at least I was only joking around. I didn’t seriously think that was the reason he died. But…well now I’m not so sure.

But besides that. Great episode. Though I wanted to strangle Andrea. I mean, how completely blind can you be to what’s going on around you? Honestly, I just really dislike her as an actress and a character. She just rubs me the wrong way.

The opening confused me at first. I thought it was a flashback and the place the group was sneaking into was Woodbury, which they would subsequently join and we we were being introduced to characters that helped our characters take down the Governor or at least escape him.

I thought the exact opposite; that it was a flashforward to the ruins of the prison after a Woodbury attacked with the heavy weaponry they got off the National Guardsmen they massacred.

That’s what I thought too. So I guess the whole backside of the prison is just a gaping hole where there was some earlier explosion? And people can easily just walk in? Doesn’t seem like it’s so secure to me.

Was I the only one rooting for The Governor in his fight against Michonne? I cannot stand that character one bit. Then I was hoping Andrea would put a bullet in her.

I was jumping back and forth between those two scenarios. Flashback or flashforward?

Carl is definitely becoming the most interesting character. And of course Michonne doesn’t tell Andrea what’s going on. Kee-rist!!!

Have Rick’s people always had those weapons? What happened to being low on ammunition, from an episode or two back? And did I see Maggie put a bullet in someone who had been shot and was down on the ground?

I don’t like Andrea either, but things were happening rather quickly, and I think she’ll come around.

I like that Michonne went after the Governor, but I don’t understand why she had to do it right then.

Ha, only thing I particularly liked about the episode other than the very ending was seeing Cutty again. He’s a great actor. Seems odd that Michonne didn’t just slice the gubner in two once she got her sword again.

I’m assuming they gained access to the weapons stored in the prison. I mean, you’re not gonna find smoke bombs many other places at that point. And yeah, she shot Oscar, in the head I’m guessing, to either put him out of his misery and/or prevent him from turning.

Michonne probably figured she wouldn’t be getting another chance at getting to his home so easily again. Rick and the guys provided a hell of a distraction that allowed her to sneak in relatively easily.

Was anyone else surprised that no main character died? I was sure someone was going to bite it in this episode. And no, Not T-Dog is not a main character.

I’m starting to hate the way nerds write action scenes. While on the run, Carl can spin around with a pistol with a cumbersome homemade suppressor, snap fire one handed at a target inches from a good guy and score a head shot every single time.

I can only assume the director was with the guards in this shot saying “Everybody just pretend you don’t see them! Keep looking in that direction but don’t acknowledge the actors out in the open making lots of movement, rattling equipment and talking at a low conversational level!”

Why does Rick care where Michonne was? She helped them get in, obviously went to pursue some unfinished business of her own, and they got out without her. Who cares where she was? It would have been nice to have an extra person but she never promised to get Rick’s back and doesn’t owe them anything. She helped them by telling them about Glenn/Maggie and helping them find the place and get in.

She could’ve made everyone more at-ease by TALKING, but I think the actress gets paid by the word. She disappeared, things went bad, T-Dawg 2.0 died, Daryl’s gone, and she reappears. It’s safe to say she aggravates everyone as much as she does the viewer. Rick’s got to think she has ulterior motives based on her not talking and her disappearing act.

I would argue that the person getting irate over gun use in a television show about zombies is the real nerd.

Also, people, it’s not rocket science: zombie bites are venomous. It’s one of those things that is a cornerstone of most zombie fiction. Just go with it.

Not irate, it just makes me laugh and takes me out of a scene wondering why they have him do they impossible. Maybe next week he will build a radio from a coconut.

I am not trying to say that shot wasn’t improbable, but seriously give a child any skill and hours of practice including life and death situations and you are bound to see some feats that are hard to believe…but don’t take my word for it, hit up youtube for about a billion videos of young people doing things that are incredible.

Not related to this episode, I just rewatched The Mist recently. Apparently the TWD casting people were fans, as they cast three people from it: Andrea, Dale and Carol.

Both The Mist and the first season of the Walking Dead are Darabont joints.

I thought this;

My husband, that.