The well balanced, intelligent Q adherent

Seriously, is there such a person? As flabbergasted as I am about people willing to die for d fucking t, at least he’s real creature. I wouldn’t want to read them, but volumes will be written about this phenomenon. I used to think the Dutch tulip thing was crazy- Q shit is on a whole 'nother level.

The what?

And where are all the sane people that think they are Napoleon the 14th?

The Tulip crash was about people buying something at an inflated price because they believed they could sell it to another sucker at an even higher price. That makes sense and it worked for awhile.

You won’t find sense in any statements from QANON followers.

Sadly, I think the last gasp of the Q conspiracy is going to end in a mass suicide event.

I hope I’m wrong.

I actually knew a guy in college who was 6’4" tall who insisted he was a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte. I kid you not. :roll_eyes:

I was a small child when I first heard the term “mass hysteria”. In my imagination at the time, I envisioned hordes of people running around, arms waving in the air, spouting literal gibberish.

As I grew older, I understood that the term could be applied to much more subtle behavior. Still, it seemed to me it was always something that happened to those simpler people long ago in the past (a conceit of the modern mind).

Then I came to better understand that the term could be applied to contemporary situations, where groups of people indulge in passionate irrationality.

But, all that said, I still can’t help but think that this current “mass hysteria” we are seeing is populated with people who are not in the upper percentages of rationality or intellect. In addition, I would suspect that they score high on some measure of “gullibility”.

In the end, it doesn’t make sense really if you do the math, but has happened to this day on a regular basis. You can’t reason against human greed.

I was wondering what the faithful do when prophecies don’t come true. This is closest I could find to parallel with presumably intelligent Q adherents. I found this article, Failed Trump Prophecies Offer a Lesson in Humility, and it seems to suggest God can change his mind on a moment’s notice, making all previous predictions moot.

We also need to be flexible in applying what we believe we have heard. Jeremiah Johnson offered many accurate predictions, including Trump’s 2016 election even when he was a longshot candidate early in the Republican primaries. In his apology, however, he confesses that he read too much into some of what he heard earlier. Because God shows us a purpose for a season does not mean that this will remain his purpose.

Jonah was angry when God withdrew his promised judgment against the Ninevites (Jonah 3:4–4:3), but the Lord reminded Jeremiah that repentance or apostasy would affect outcomes (Jer. 18:6–11). God had his purpose in having Samuel anoint Saul as king over Israel. But Samuel didn’t assume that his earlier instruction meant that God planned for Saul to serve another term if Saul did not mature in his calling.

Elijah prophesied the obliteration of Ahab’s dynasty, but God told him afterward that because of Ahab’s repentance the judgment would be delayed (1 Kings 21:28–29). My theologian friends hold a range of views on how to explain this; my personal understanding is that though God foreknows the outcomes, he often speaks to us just what we need for the moment. We need to be ready to change course as needed.

So maybe the lesson is that God did want Trump president, but felt Trump “did not mature in his calling.” Whatever gave Him the impression Trump was capable of maturity in the first place? I doubt QAnons can be sold on the notion that God changed his mind about Trump, but based on the current fragmentations inside the movement, they’re creating more rabbit holes to divert blame.

Poor God gets blamed for everything. But if God wanted the orange guy to be president, couldn’t He have gotten into his settings and tweaked him just a skosh, like making him somewhat decent and honorable?

Violence of some sort seems inevitable.

Maybe it is a cleansing, like the Flood only He promised not to do the Flood again, so here we are.

If I thought a spasm of suicide or violence that left a few dozen Qidiots dead would somehow stop the movement or wake MAGAts from their alternate reality, I would hope it actually happens. But since Jan. 6 we’ve learned that nothing can do that. If 100 morons set themselves on fire in Dealey Plaza, Ted Cruz would blame Biden and 150 million Americans would be right there with him.

Oh, I don’t think the movement is disappearing any time soon, unfortunately.

I think it may morph into an actual religion. Complete with miracles, revisionist history, signs & portents, strict rules and of course a church hierarchy that makes a lot of money and lives in luxury by grifting off the rubes.

What does his height have to do with anything?

The urban legend that Napoleon was short? If you are of Western European descent, odds are very good you are taller than your 200 year old ancestors and Napoleon was about average height for the period.

There are two types of people associated with the Q moevement. The true believers and the internet trolls. I suspect that at least half of the crazy beliefs associated with QAnon are from the latter, who may potentially include intelligent the intelligent and well balanced. The problem is that the former have no lower limit to what they are willing to believe and propagate. So that even a snide joking comment could suddenly find itself becoming gospel.

I shudder to think what would happen if the readers of the SDMB community suddenly developed that level of credulity. Where

is not viewed as snark but as investigative journalism.

You mean a Qult.

Q himself is of course a troll, pranking people and manipulating them, though I’m not sure how “well balanced” you’d consider Ron Watkins to be. (He definitely seems pretty intelligent though.)

Given that the leaders of the cult are literally calling for mass suicides, I think that, even if they’re sane, they’re evil.

Well, that would raise the average IQ of the human race…