The word Dog. First Breed to come to mind.

What do you think personifies the word Dog. Do you think of the German Shepard? Yorkshire Terrier? Something that looks like the wolf or dingo? Personally I usually think of something that resembles the border collie.

Mutts come to mind first.

Scottish terriers.

I think in general I think of labs/retrievers. But this particular time, I thought of a pug. No clue why.

First one I thought of was German Shepard.


My big standard poodle now personifies dogness to me. He is the archetype of dog.

Irish Setter (that’s the kind I had growing up)

Golden retriever.

I think it’s weird because I had a minpin for 10 years since she was a pup and till the day she died, but when the word dog is mentioned I don’t think of minpin as the first breed to come to mind. I always thought of dogs to be big, somewhat furry and with a muzzle not the short nosed breeds.

we have such a diverse set of breeds being mentioned too. Some I don’t even know what they look like. Perhaps I should’ve mentioned to link the picture to the breed.

Golden Retriever.

Golden Lab.

Keeshond. But that’s because we have one.

Dachshund: same reason as Shinna Minna Ma.

Otherwise, a mutt that somewhat resembles a Lab with brown fur.

I think of a Lab because that’s the kind of dog I have now. When I had golden retrievers, that would have been the first breed to spring to mind.

I think Mutt.

“The word Dog. First Breed to come to mind.”

Irish setter.

My next-door neighbor had many of them while I was growing up.

Mutt. Happy, wagging, bouncing mutt.

Spaniel, cos we had them growing up, probably.