"The world's goin' to hell but I'm still here" MMP

I’m with you (and I balance out several of those Mooooms)

Home from the gym. I didn’t do quite as much today, as I have a sore throat–sinus issues, not COVID.

Thanks much for the excellent suggestions! The original tree is on a huge piece of paper, so the digital copy is quite large. And because it’s so complex, it got confusing to just blow up parts of it on my computer. So I used Photoshop to crop each quarter of it and then blow it up. I have them taped in a kind of mosaic. If whoever had done this had better handwriting and a sharper nib on their fountain pen, I probably wouldn’t need to use the magnifying glass.

I would not make a good Southerner because I can’t handle the heat. Whenever people start talking about how dogtrot houses and cupolas and thick walls kept Southern houses cooler before electricity, I keep imagining how hot women’s clothing was, with drawers and crinolines and corsets and long sleeves (in the daytime). I’d have had a permanent case of The Vapors.


Yoiks. So the gas station’s tanks leaked? Nobody needs high octane drinking water.

red, I’m still praying for y’all. Even strong women need comforting now and then, right?

Howdy Y’all! Stuff got done. Sup got et. Sloth skills were practiced. Not too bad of a Hump Day. OK, I actually don’t have a Hump Day anymore bein’ as I now have seven day weekends.

Bumba hope the meds help poor Gibbs. ::skritches:: For Gibbs. Not you.

I like livin’ in the south. I do not like cold weather and detest and despise icy and/or snowy weather with a white hot passion. ICK! However, travel to the northern region durin’ Winter as a part of my irklife did show me that I can drive in ice and snow if necessary.

Yeah, the gas station tanks leaked. It’s still a big thing in my hamlet. Yes I’m in the US, but I do technically live in a hamlet, in a village, in a town. :notes:In the bottom of a well. :notes:

The place that had the leaking tanks is no longer there, and the town is trying to figure out how to off load the property, and all the environmental headaches. IIRC, it’s Shell that is currently on the hook.

Go Gibbs! Feel better.

The older I get, the more I dislike the cold. It snows here once or maybe twice a year and that’s fine as long as I don’t have to leave the house. Mom is turning into a snowbird because she can’t take the triple digit heat here but hates the winter in Idaho.

We didn’t have to have our septic tank pumped after all. Did you guys know that septic tanks have a filter before the leach lines? We didn’t either, but apparently that was clogged which was causing the system to fail and back up. We had no idea! Apparently the filter should be cleaned/replaced once a year, but considering that we have been on septic for all our lives and have never heard of this before, we won’t be doing it that often. The tank itself won’t need to be pumped for 3 or 4 more years.

I’m sorry about Gibbs and hope that the medication helps. Losing a pet rips your heart out, but watching them hurting while you stand by helpless is even worse.

Over in another thread, someone gave me one helluva good idea:

Shittiest holiday ever.

30-ish years in Texas, but otherwise, same. I’m definitely Team Northern.

This week’s :trophy:

{ curtsy }

Thank you.

Evening all. Got to my appointment at the Pharmacy and was told that they had run out of the Pfizer vaccine, so I didn’t get my booster shot today. Did get the flu shot in the right arm and the pnuemonia shot in the left, and the pharmacist recommended that I wait a week or two before getting the booster, to let my body get adjusted. Arms are a bit sore but outside of that I feel fine.

Never had a house with a septic tank; my dad’s family did have an outhouse when I was very young.

Bumba, hoping the medicines can do good things for Gibbs.

I lived in the North for about half my life (depending on what you call St. Louis) and N. Ali-bama is pretty nice, not too much heat and snow maybe once every two years, so it’s tolerable. No big wish to move back to Ohio, however…

Cookie, glad you got your money back; didn’t even know Sears was still a going concern.

Oopsie, glad you can get back to your surgery, but I’d be mad as hell at the nurse. Hope the delay isn’t to bad.

FCM, we’ll definitely need pictures of FCD’s purple beard…

OK, need to finish internettin’ and the current chapter of the book I’m reading (180 of 739 pages done). All y’all take care.

lol buy a PS1 or an n64 and say " but that’s gonna be my video game room lol

lol I split the difference 3 days I live out west in the northernmost part of southern California :stuck_out_tongue: we get occasional snow and normally our winter runs from a week before Thanksgiving (some times a week before xmas ) to a week after new years and rainy season if we have one is usually February and the rest of the year runs from comfortably warm to burnin’hell …

Went to college in St. Louis, from north central Iowa. I call St. Louis and Missouri the South. The upper South maybe, but weather wise and culturally the South. I enjoyed my years there.

Cool, St. Louis U or Washington Univ.? And I would tend to agree with you, it was a Southern town, maybe less today. Hot and Humid however, it was…

Lindenwood College, now Lindenwood University.

Hot and humid it was. Plus woke one morning with an earthquake sending my dorm bed jittering across the floor. That got my attention~no injuries, just shook some bricks and roof slates loose. We were college kids, we were all still in bed.

Lemme try again.
Dead on arrival
Pipe? What’s a pipe?
Some assistance
Biting the hand that fed it

Thanks. 3 out of 4 worked. The pipe picture comes up 2nd and 3rd, the same shot.

Cute baby puppy. :skritches & belly rubs:

What a cutie! She looks so big already. :slight_smile:

Adorable! I love her coloring. How big does that breed get? Her paws say she’s got more growing to do!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave. Hockey tonight.

{{{{Bumba and Gibbs}}}}

DesertDog, what acute pup!

I’m in North Carolina. We can cram 4 seasons into one week(seriously. Once we had flurries on Christmas, and 70 degrees on New Year’s Eve.)

Third time’s the charm.

Typically the girls top out at 110 lb. Boys 130.

They were bred to guard sheep herds in Anatolia – the large part of Turkey – from wolves when the shepherd is away. They are quite independent to the point of being untrainable, although they can be socialized. Their aggression is limited, though. If they went after the first wolf to the point of killing it the rest of the pack would be on the flock while it was busy.

In a home situation, if you climb over the fence, it will interpose itself in front of its charges, standing sideways. If this is not to make you change your mind and retreat then they will attack. If you then run they won’t chase like a Dobie or GSD might – you’re no longer a threat and that’s all they want.

About 35 years ago DesertRoomie lost her favorite Saluki puppy to a pack of Akita that had jumped two 6-foot fences to get to her. She vowed to never let that happen again and researched for five years to find the amount of protection she wanted.

It’s the seed stock for the various Mastiffs but a rare breed in the US. There are perhaps 5,000 in the country.