"Shame" snacks you'd never admit to enjoying, outside of the anonymous intertoobz

Food Basics, part of the Metro chain of supermarkets in Toronto. I don’t recall the brand name offhand. I won’t be going back to Canada until sometime in November, but I can ask my daughter to keep an eye out for them.

Chicharrones. And, if you want to know…I like to make poutine (I got hooked on the stuff when I lived in Canada) with chicharrones and brown gravy and cheese curds or queso de oaxaca or queso fresco! Yummy! Probably gross a lot of folks out though…certainly does my wife, even just plain old chicharrones…

I used to keep the nacho and cool ranch Doritos in the fridge because it made the flavors stronger…

Mine is braunschweiger straight out of the casing with a spoon …preferably farmer john (its a so cal brand…) john Morrel or oscar Meyer will do in a pinch but johns don’t have that occasional metallic aftertaste the others do

This could be the brand. Not 100% sure because the packaging is different, but the pie looks the same. They make a variety of other such pies as well, but blackberry, apple, and cherry are the only ones I’ve seen at Food Basics.

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Almost 50 years ago, I worked in the library at the University of Minnesota. This was right after microwaves had been installed at the snack bars, and every morning I would nuke a Hostess blackberry pie for my breakfast. I was so impoverished I usually I wouldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day.

Does anyone else eat Philly cream cheese “neat”?

I don’t need a cracker, a bagel, or a celery stalk to smear it on (although that’s all good). I just need a big hunka hunka cream cheese to cram into my pie-hole. Then maybe another.


Grilled Nutella sandwich. Prepared exactly the same as a grilled cheese, but with Nutella instead of cheese.

Also, I pretty much exclusively prepare hot dogs in the microwave. It takes less than a minute and there’s so much fat and water in the bastards that you can get a Maillard reaction out of them in a fraction of the time it’d take on the stovetop or air fryer. (Just gotta make sure to slit them so they don’t explode.)

Funny, I was reading an article about that just a couple days ago. Would eat!

As for me, I say there’s not a thing wrong with eating saltine crackers slathered with mayonnaise.

No, but now that you mention it, I’ve nibbled on butter.

And okay, this isn’t exactly a snack i have very often, but if I’m making stew, and I’m cutting up a big hunk-o-meat, I’ll sometimes steal a couple of the interior cubes and just eat them raw. Yum.

Cream cheese and Fritos, mmmmmmmm! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

On the Fourth of July 1974, I rode naked through the streets of Minneapolis on the hood of a friend’s car in return for a bag of Fritos and a brick of Philly cream cheese.

True story, honest! :innocent:

I hate that the packages are almost identical. And one time I wanted to buy some American cheese and it was ALL WRAPPED. :pleading_face: I had a vision of a dystopian future where I can’t even have a good grilled cheese sandwich.

Can of Heinz beans with pork sausages (don’t know if the kind we get here in the UK is the same as you do) with added chopped ham or bacon, whatever I’ve got, and fried mushrooms chopped up. Mix all together, heat in microwave, eat with a spoon in front of the TV.

Uhhhh … I kinda think you’re supposed to unwrap the pieces before you put them in the sandwich. Plastic melts in a frying pan… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What, no chips?!? :astonished:

Cottage cheese with syrup (and none of that fancy ‘real maple’ stuff - Log Cabin or similar).

It’s actually been years since I had it - my dad used to do it and so I tried it and liked it also.

I also don’t keep semi-sweet chocolate chips around - eating them by the handful is not good for my formerly trim figure.

That reminds me of a snack a friend turned me on to about 50 years ago - Philly cream cheese with chives. It came in little packages, probably 3oz size or so. Eating one of those straight up was heaven.

I don’t think they manufacture it that way any more - you can buy tubs of chive-flavored cream cheese spread, but that’s not the same. This was straight cream cheese with bits of chives in it.

I get the unwrapped Deli Deluxe. The package is identical except the wrapped cheese has “Individually Wrapped” on the package. The cheese is not the same. I hate when I accidentally buy the wrapped cheese.

I was joking, of course. :slight_smile: I gather “Deli Deluxe” differs considerably from the standard Kraft singles? (I always buy the thick slices, but I use them mainly in grilled cheese sandwiches and cheeseburgers.)

Oh yeah same. Onlookers recoil in horror.

I’ve had so many fancy-schmancy eggnog recipes, none compares to Mayfield store-bought. And I’m sorry, but I think anyone who puts any kind of liquor in eggnog is mentally deficient. Even when I was a raging alcoholic, that’s the one alcoholic beverage I wouldn’t touch.

The trick is to mix the liquor. Rum/bourbon/eggnog is a nice combination. So is rum/brandy/eggnog. Especially when you get to the Penny stage.

Please, teach me your ways.

I nuke the dog for 20 sec or so (and maybe toast the bun over an open gas burner) but Maillard reaction? Never.