The World's Greatest Commercials

Did anyone else watch this on CBS? It was better than 90% of all the television I have seen this year.

They were all pretty damn good but it was the Heinekin “buy our beer or we’ll keep playing this commercial” sung to the tune of close to you campaign that literally had me rolling on the couch laughing my ass off.

I was merely liking it up until the part where the lions rose up out of the floor with a semi bored look on their faces and commenced to chomping on the hapless singers.

I don’t know who to feel sorrier for, the poor singers or the lions. You know that blond haired guy had to have left a bad taste in their mouths.

That is a great campaign-a series of annoying commercials that beg you to do something. And then, the satifsfying ending. Something like it would probably work in the United States-for what product, I don’t know.

Newsflash, Arsenio. Nice hair (right…)

You aren’t in your twenties anymore. Dress like a grown-up.

Oh god that hair was awful I asked my hubbie if this show was filmed now. I can not believe that arsenio is trying to single handedly bring back the natural fro.

And what about Heidi’s blouse? I’m thinking marketing a shirt just for people with bellies that are overly warm on just the lower left side is getting just a little specific.

I thought the “look at me, look at me, look at me, look away” bit was really cute too.

I can assume that “Heidi” is the name of the inflatable co-host. Why did they have her talk?

It’s a car commercial, but I don’t remember which make or model.

The scene: a grocery store parking lot.

A man steps out of his vehicle and begins to (I assume) walk toward the store. Suddenly, a runaway cart makes its way towards the man’s new car when, out of the blue, the man body-checks the shopping cart, narrowly avoiding damaging his car.

I haven’t seen this one in quite some time, but it was good for a belly laugh even after I had seen it what seemed like 100 times.