The world's stupidest website: poll and contest!

I am running a poll and contest to find the website that is the stupidest, most ridiculous waste of time on the whole world-wide web.

The prize will be a sonnet that I will compose in praise of the poster who finds the best specimen. The sonnet will be 14 lines with the ABBAABBACDCDCD rhyme scheme, and dedicated to the winner.

The winner will be decided by me, although I am willing to be swayed by public opinion, so you can vote for your favourite.

Contest rules: “Stupid and ridiculous” should not be used satirically or in a partisan manner. For example, a picture of George W. Bush or the Vatican’s website do not qualify. I am talking about the most silly, trivial, ridiculous use of the Web you can think of.

Contest closes April 27.

While I and members of my immediate family are not eligible to enter the contest, I will get us rolling with this one: A web site where people can post pictures of cats who look like Hitler. Here.

I present to you my entry: The Iowa CornCam. It refreshes every fifteen minutes and you can actually watch it grow! :eek:

I swear, sometimes I spend hours on the site. It’s fun to gather round the whole family and eat dinner while enjoying the peaceful corn sprouting and becoming mature. :slight_smile:

Thanks, great entry. About the only thing stupider would be a site for watching paint dry. :smiley:

How about Watching cheese ripen?

Well, it probably won’t win, but this website is dedicated to Celebrity Heights.

So if you ever wondered how tall William Macy (5’ 8 1/2") or Anna Paquin (5’ 4 1/2") are, this is the site for you.

I think those websites about corn growing and cheese ripening are kind of jokes in their own right, but my website is from someone who seriously felt there needed to be website depository of celebrity heights.

And I thought Celebrity Heights was a subdivision just down the hill from Hollywood. :slight_smile:

I give you The End Of The Internet. Once you’ve reached there, there’s nothing else to see.

(I’ve been working on some of the stuff before that page.)

May I present The Random Chicken Server.

Watching paint dty.

The Place That Shall Not Be Mentioned.

I win.

I shit you not, my dad has that site bookmarked. Honest.

Of course we sell produce, so it was kinda neat when I ran across it a few years ago, but I didn’t think he’d bookmark it.

::Peeps in to see if my webpage has been posted yet.::

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

timecube of course. I win. :slight_smile:

The “NEXT PAGE” link at the bottom of that cracked me up. I mean, how did they decide when it was time to make a new page? What were the criteria? These are the things I think about at 4AM.

I appreciate your entry, Klaatu. The trouble is that there is a distinction between stupid and mentally deranged. Timecube is definitely a contender, but the sheer mental incoherence of it almost makes it interesting (kind of like a traffic accident that you just have to look at), which works against it in this contest. But then again, it does score high as an incredible waste of internet technology, which is an important judging criteria. I can see it is not going to be easy to pick a winner.

not as bizarre as some, but certainly pointless. I admire the simplicity

There’s sound on this site, but it’s pretty harmless. I find it kind of soothing, actually. YMMV.

“Welcome…to zombocom! The only limit at zombocom is you!”

When I saw the thread title I intended to nominate, but now that I see the thread is in more of a farcical vein, I guess I’ll suggest Numbers that are not pi.

I am absolutely flabergasted! The corn and cheese sites are pretty strong contenders, but both of those have the drawback that someone, somewhere, may have enough interest in watching corn grow or cheese ripen to make them only 99.9% pointless and useless. But a website made up of nothing but numbers that are not Pi. . . . . . :eek:

Unbelievable. But I do not want to prejudice the contest until we have seen all the entries. Let’s just say yours is a strong contender.

Well, I should get an honorable mention then, dangit. :stuck_out_tongue: