The Worst Childrens' Show Ever?

Oh, I’m sure this has made its way around the internets by now. It still be funny as hell. Can anyone verify if this is a real childrens’ show or not?

This here is a link, you see.

Yes and no. Yes it is a real show, no it was not a real episode. It was made for the network’s holiday party or something like that, as a joke. I forget the details.

Didn’t think so. It was too…perfect.

For the record, it’s been over an hour since I clicked that link, and I still have The Plucking Song stuck in my head.

I blame you for this, LOUNE, and will find a way to get back at you.

I know. That’s reason 1a that I started this thread. I got it stuck in my head too and wanted to pass on the pain.

Want some more pain? Do ya? I didn’t think so!!!
More PAIN!
(this link was in another recent thread of mine. if you saw that thread, you saw this link.)