The Yoho Party: We call you that

A bit of obscure movie dialogue I always liked, from the Andy Warhol (really Paul Morrissey) film Trash:

Joe Dallesandro: “You’re a drug-taking hippie goofy type person, huh?”
Entitled Kid: “Mmm, yeah, well we don’t call ourselves that.”
Joe: “We call you that.”

I was all set to do a post about how we should all stop referring to “the Republican Party” or “the GOP”, and replace it with “the Trump Party”, which is not the most original thing in the world but is demonstrably apt while being just insulting enough in a shoe-fits, now-wear-it sort of way. (If any of you supporters of the Trump Party find this to be disagreeable, please, please tell us what you think is wrong with it). If nothing else, it beats their lame little taunt, “the Democrat Party” (which I guess is supposed to be a put-down though I always thought it was just illiterate).

But now we have another one, “the Yoho Party”, referring to Congressman Ted Yoho (Trump Party, FL). In case you missed it, he learned that crossing sabers with Alexandria Octavio-Corez carries a certain amount of risk (oh who am i kidding? I’m sure he learned nothing). He happened to run into her the other day and said some rather ugly things, and she responed on the House Floor, and if you missed it i urge you to look it up on YouTube as instruction on how to destroy a vulgarian while remaining a class act.

I hope going forward you’ll consider replacing the R-word one or the other of these terms where and when they seem to fit, which should be always. I hope anyone out there named Yoho doesn’t mind. Hey I myself have a funny last name (hint: who said “nanu nanu”?). You learn to adjust.

Your last name is ‘Ork’?

I’m sorry ahead of time.

I like it, as long as (like Yoho) the entire party promises to just go away in January 2021.

Your last name is ‘Ork’?

Close, but with an M on the front. You always have to spell it out for people, who don’t think it’s real

With such an acknowledgement of evanescence, it could also be called the YOLO party.

Could be worse. I’ve told this story before but back in my youth I worked for a man named Ronald McDonald.

He was 6 when the hamburger clown was invented. His later childhood was hell.

Yoho got his ass handed to him by the wonderful, classy Ocasio-Cortez. But he’s too stupid to realize it.

Funnily enough, I have also known a Ronald McDonald (younger than the fast food joint, but possibly predating its existence in my country). He was a somewhat disturbed kind of guy.

Sometime in the past couple of days I heard a TV talking-head referring to the Representative (though not the entire party) as “Ted YooHoo.” The interviewer didn’t correct her. I suspect the mispronunciation was a deliberate commentary.

One thing is for certain, though: if everyone started referring to the R. party as the Yoho Party,
a) Trump would be enraged that Ted was getting so much attention, leading to
b) Trump taking revenge on Ted via pressuring the GOP House leadership to remove him from his committees and otherwise spank him.

Can we call them a bunch of Yoho hos? Asking for a friend.

We wants the lead head!

I think we got him (in 2016).

If it’s not lead, it’s some other inert substance, that’s for sure.