TheFonz jumps the dinosaur

The jump in progress:

After a lightning storm, the SDMB cable TV channels in my house got scrambled, it was a trip to see a Food Network show mixed with the Donner party on the History channel, but never mind that, I found a mix of TV land + Discovery Channel! Lets watch…

***TheFonz ** gets ready to jump over the GD forum without any armor!

Richie: A Shamosaurus? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!
TheFonz: Stupid, yes. Also dumb. But it is something I’ve gotta do.
Richie: TheFonz, you’re not jumping over garbage cans on a bike. You’re jumping over a Shamosaurus. On nothing! On a couple of little skis! One little slip and chomp! Chomp! Chomp!
TheFonz: Thanks a lot for your support. Look, I saw Land before time!* these things are not carnivorous, I gotta jump.

(Indeed, a Shamosaurus is a kind of Ankylosaurus:

So, easy money thought TheFonz, I will show all the old farts how I can jump all over a critter like that with no problem.

The jump was on! TheFonz climbed the ramp at high speed with no problem, it was clearing the critter’s pit when suddenly the last **TheFonz ** saw was the boulder like tail of the dinosaur coming at him even faster…


(Well, no Chomp! Chomp! But lots of Stomp! Stomp! It mercifully ended quickly… )

And that is how TheFonz found too late that not everything you see on TV or the web can be considered good evidence… *

I turned the TV off then…

Cripes, that effort was so unrealistic and pathetic, Really bad graphics, I think **TheFonz ** passed his peak and now it will be branded as one of the lamest dopers. Dang, I think I will never pay **TheFonz ** any attention after this episode. I think they call that Jump the… shit, I don’t remember now, but it is a phrase that although is wearing its welcome it is perfect in this case!

Oh well, at least this new cable system looks interesting, I only hope **TheFonz ** gets into directing or something, because acting that way in GD will never get him anywhere.

*I swear I typed that before Loopydude posted it on the GD thread.

Well, he could be a troll, but if he is, he’s entertaining.

Let’s face it, this board needs a good, old-fashioned kook every once in a while. Someone with no grasp of logical or critical thinking. Someone ready to dismiss mainstream science as mindless conformity, while parrotting whatever kook they’re drawing their theory from. Someone who seems to think that the world operates how they think it should, rather than how it is observed to work.

It lets us sharpen our claws, gives us a break from what can become rather tedious partisan back and forth in GD, and lets better posters demonstrate basic concepts of scientific resoning and debate to any lurkers in the audience.

I hope his inevitable ban is held off as long as possible.

Open the door.

Get on the floor.

Everybody jump the dinosaur.

Oh, and I was about to pit him myself, but I would have titled the thread
TheFonz: Sit on It. Which is a bit less cliched.

Wow. That was incredibly painful. He thinks people are taking him seriously, doesn’t he?

Dude, if you like that, check out the electric sun thread in Great Debates. I’m learning a lot about how the sun is powered by electricity, and the implications for ancient life on Mars and UFOs at the Crucifixion.

It’s a nice change from the normal GD material.

What’s his take on building anti-asteroid defense bases on Phobos and Diemos, the moons of Mars?
Does he have a stand on those photos of alien spacecraft and cities on the moon?
What about Lemuria? Does TheFonz truly know whether the Cubans discovered conclusive evidence of it last year off their southwest coast?

I enjoy a good loonie every now and then. As long as they’re not jerks, confining their insanity to their own threads, they can be a lot of fun. I especially enjoy people like The Fonz who defend their particular brand of delusion with passionate intensity. I mean, he really BELIEVES that we’re all mindless sheep for buying into that patently false fusion-powered-sun theory! You can’t buy entertainment like this.

Strikes me as a blatant, but not particularly bright, troll. First guy to patent a working twit filter for the internet will become a jillionaire.

“…and now this thread in which you are using the images taken* (without attributiion) from a Creationist web site and posing them as examples of “depictions of dinosaurs” even though neither you nor the site from which you have “borrowed” them have demonstrated actual provenance showing that the pictures are what you (and they) claim.”

(From the linked thread, part of a post by tomndebb.)

That reminds me more’n faintly of … lying. More specifically, lest anyone accuse me of accusing tomndebb of lying, it looks to me as though TheFonz has engaged in mendacity.

Where’s 'luci to go his whole balderdash routine, now?

No doubt. But will it be from selling licenses to people who want to use it, or by threatening to sell such licenses if his blackmail demands aren’t paid off?

Sure you can! All you gotta do is pony up the money for his subscription! :smiley:

And now he’s upped the ante:

Uh huh.

It would probably be cheaper to just grant a subscription in lieu of the gas price to travel to…oh wait. We can’t do that, can we? Never mind.

Have you noticed the company he keeps? Says more than anything we can.

Damn you. Damn you to all to hell.

Now, not only will that song get stuck in my head for a period not less than one week, but I will also inevitably picture the cast of Happy Days dancing around to a choreographed musical number…

Boom, boom, ackalackalacka boom! Boom, boom, ackalacka boom boom!

I’m just waiting for him to announce that he is actually a Kryptonian with electrical powers.

He has been very Trollish so far. He copied pictures from a Genesis site, Genisis Park to hide the origin of them and then basically lied in his GD Op.

I hope his stay is a short one. I think we have evolved beyond his level of stupidity. You would think he would have at least had the intelligence to rename the pictures. I guess he does not understand about Google searches. It took me less than 3 minutes to catch his deception.


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