There are two types of people...

It seems certain types of consumer goods seem to be (or have been) dominated by two competing brands, to the virtual exclusion of others. If this were Facebook, I could tell you which Game of Thrones character you should go out drinking with based on your answers, but since its not, well… just for fun, I guess.

Which of the following type(s) are you? Comment on as few/many as you like, and feel free to include other competing duos.
(Mostly food cuz I’m hungry…)

Coke or Pepsi
Cheez Its or Cheese Nips
Heinz or Hunt’s
Hungry Man or Swanson
Wal-Mart or Target
Android or Apple
Twizzlers or Red Vines (CAUTION: only one right answer here;))
Oreos or Hydrox
Keebler or Nabisco
Hersheys or Nestle
Lipton or Tetley
Chef Boyardee or Franco-American
PlayStation or XBOX
Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth’s

Pepsi, Wal-Mart, Oreo, Hershey’s, and Tetley. No clear opinion on the others.

No, no, there are 10 types of people. C’mon!

Chef Boyardee


Coke, Heinz, Target, Android, Nestle, Playstation.

Coke or Pepsi - Coke, but I’ll drink either if I’m in the mood for a cola
Cheez Its or Cheese Nips - either
Heinz or Hunt’s - Heinz…there is no question on this one
Hungry Man or Swanson - Neither; I don’t care for ‘TV dinners’
Wal-Mart or Target - Target (or anything else that’s ‘not Wal-Mart’)
Android or Apple - Android
Twizzlers or Red Vines (CAUTION: only one right answer here;)) - and it’s Twizzers, right?
Oreos or Hydrox - either, but I can’t remember the last time I saw Hydrox
Keebler or Nabisco - depends on the specific product
Hersheys or Nestle - neither, if I’m in the mood for a ‘chocolate bar’
Lipton or Tetley - Neither (Stash, Bigelow, Tazo)
Chef Boyardee or Franco-American - depends on whether I want Raviolis or Spaghetti-Os
PlayStation or XBOX -both
Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth’s - neither, ever. Maple syrup, please

Coke or Pepsi - Coke, but only barely
Cheez Its or Cheese Nips - So, there are two of them. I wondered about that. Huh. (I have no opinion, they’re both kind of gross to me.)
Heinz or Hunt’s - Heinz
Hungry Man or Swanson - Hungry Man, I guess. Both nasty food, but at least Hungry Man has more of it.)
Wal-Mart or Target - Target
Android or Apple - Android
Twizzlers or Red Vines (CAUTION: only one right answer here;)) - Twizzlers. Preferably Pull and Peel Tizzlers
Oreos or Hydrox - Actually like Hydrox better, but I never remember that when I’m in the cookie aisle, so I always buy Oreos
Keebler or Nabisco - Nabisco. The Keebler elves are way too twee.
Hersheys or Nestle - Mars
Lipton or Tetley - Tetly
Chef Boyardee or Franco-American - Franco-American
PlayStation or XBOX - …
Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth’s - Aunt Jemima

Ragu or Prego
Streaming or DVDs
Drive or Fly
Cake or Death

I have to be honest and say, either I don’t use those products or I don’t really have a preference. Hand me some Cheez Its and I won’t ask you for Cheese Nips. I’m good with any kind of chocolate. Oreos or Hydrox? Whatever’s in the vending machine in the hotel I’m staying in. I like Pepsi Max better than Coke Zero, if that counts.

Quite a few of those products aren’t available outside America, FWIW.

Coke or Pepsi - I tend to buy Coke more, but honestly I can’t tell the difference.
Cheez Its or Cheese Nips - either is fine.
Heinz or Hunt’s - I buy the store brand, because it’s always cheaper.
Hungry Man or Swanson - I like both.
Wal-Mart or Target - Target, but Walmart is much closer.
Android or Apple - I have both. Push.
Twizzlers or Red Vines (CAUTION: only one right answer here;)) - and that would be “neither.”
Oreos or Hydrox - neither. It’s the most overrated food product in the history of man.
Keebler or Nabisco - I prefer crackers to cookies, and Nabisco makes better crackers.
Hersheys or Nestle - neither.
Lipton or Tetley - I don’t know. Lipton?
Chef Boyardee or Franco-American - neither; they’re both bloody diarrhea in a can, in appearance, taste, and gastrointestinal effect.
PlayStation or XBOX - nope.
Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth’s - all the same crap, but Mrs. Butterworth’s has a cooler bottle.

Ragu or Prego - Prego. Ragu is thin and sour.
Streaming or DVDs - streaming. Not sure I even own a DVD player anymore.
Drive or Fly - if I can get there within 6 hours, drive. Otherwise, fly.
Cake or Death - death. It’s much more consistent than cake.

Coke or Pepsi: I don’t drink a of of soda, but Pepsi tastes flat to me, so Coke
Cheez Its or Cheese Nips: Either one, no preference
Heinz or Hunt’s: Ketchup is nasty…
Hungry Man or Swanson: TV dinners are also nasty, but Swanson makes the Hungry Man dinners…
Wal-Mart or Target: Any place but Walmart.
Android or Apple: Apple
Twizzlers or Red Vines (CAUTION: only one right answer here) Third option: I do not eat candy
Oreos or Hydrox: Neither
Keebler or Nabisco: Neither
Hersheys or Nestle: Neither
Lipton or Tetley: no preference, but I mostly buy Twinnings
Chef Boyardee or Franco-American: Canned Spaghetti is nasty
PlayStation or XBOX: Neither
Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth’s: Neither

I always heard it as there are two kinds of people
those who get ulcers and those who give them.

Coke or Pepsi Coke
Cheez Its or Cheese Nips either
Heinz or Hunt’s either
Hungry Man or Swanson either
Wal-Mart or Target neither but if I had to choose Target
Android or Apple * Android

Twizzlers or Red Vines (CAUTION: only one right answer here) YUK NEITHER
Oreos or Hydrox oreos
Keebler or Nabisco Either
Hersheys or Nestle Both
Lipton or Tetley doesn’t matter
Chef Boyardee or Franco-American can we say YUK to both
PlayStation or XBOX neither
Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth’s * neither

For those I have a clear preference:
Target or any place but Walmart

For those I dislike both options:
Cheese Its/Cheese Nips
Twizzlers/Red Vines
Chef Boyardee/Franco American

The rest I’m fine with either.

D’oh!! :o I think you’re right. Surprised you’re the first to mention this.

Didn’t intend to discriminate… are there any products where you live that are represented by two dominant, more-or-less equal brands?

This reminds me of a cartoon I saw, probably in the pages of The New Yorker.

The scene: A hallway, with a door labeled “Jury Room”. The door is open just a crack. Outside (in the hall) stands a uniformed bailiff, taking notes on a notepad. A man is sticking his head out the door, chin covered with unshaven stubble. He is talking to the bailiff:

“Eleven hamburgers, one hot dog. Eleven french fries, one onion rings. Eleven Cokes, one Pepsi . . .”

Nestle (except I really prefer Cadbury)

The other brands either aren’t available here or I haven’t tried them.

Possibly, but there’d be less than a dozen people on the boards who’d know what they were. :stuck_out_tongue: (McDonalds or Hungry Jacks, KFC or Red Rooster, Dominoes or Eagle Boys).

Obviously, we’ve got Coke and Pepsi in Australia, along with Playstations and Xboxes and Apple gear and Android phones, but in a lot of cases I would suggest it really boils down to “Name Brand or Store Brand?” on a lot of stuff.

Alternatively it’s “Popular Brand/Place or Weird Hipster Brand/Place Only You And Three Other People Know About”. If I asked “Gloria Jeans or Zaraffas?” (Coffee places) you can bet there’d be people in within the first 10 posts to say something akin to “Neither, there’s this awesome authentic cafe near work and it does the best ________, and they use organic milk and their fair trade beans are transported across the Andes on free-range donkeys before being roasted over a fire fuelled by recycled paper and twigs and then sailed across the Pacific Ocean on an actual sailing ship to ensure the process is carbon neutral.”

Coke or Pepsi - Pepsi
Cheez Its or Cheese Nips - CheeZ Its
Heinz or Hunt’s - Neither. I don’t eat ketchup
Hungry Man or Swanson - Hungry Man
Wal-Mart or Target - Either - depends on what I need
Android or Apple - Android
Twizzlers or Red Vines - Red Vines
Oreos or Hydrox - Oreos
Keebler or Nabisco - Depends on the kind of cookie
Hersheys or Nestle - Hershey’s
Lipton or Tetley - Lipton
Chef Boyardee or Franco-American - Depends on what the product is
PlayStation or XBOX - Neither.
Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth’s - Mrs. Butterworth’s