There I am!

Six months ago, I noticed a Google street-view car approaching an intersection near my house. I caught up to it, and made a note to check back in six months. Sure enough, my car is in two frames. They do a pretty good job of blurring any identifying features, but it has to be me.

No link?

Yes, it’s a dilemma.
I guess it’s a small enough risk that I can post it:

My car is the silver one entering the intersection.

Risk of what?

I take pains to keep my online persona isolated from my physical identity.
I don’t do a prefect job, but the fewer data leaks, the happier I am.


And now you know my first name!

About 6 months ago my wife comes home and says “hey, I saw the Google Street View camera car today!” Sure enough, a couple of weeks ago street view was updated and there she is.

Fame and glory, here we come!

And btw, in case nobody was aware (this is the Dope, so y’all knew this I’m sure), you can use street view to explore Machu Picchu as well the cemetery where Earnest Shackleton is buried. Pretty cool. I’m always on the lookout for new street views to explore.

Not Google Street View-related, but Hey-there-I-am-on-the-internet related: some forty-two years ago, I played a role in a new musical at my community college. The musical had never been staged before (although last week, I found that a rumor existed that there had been an off-Broadway production of it. That rumor remains unconfirmed).

A couple of months ago, I learned from some of my fellow actors in the musical, that the show was available for licensing from Samuel French. I went to their online catalog, and did a search that found not only the listing for the play, but a few pages from the front of the script, in which information about the original staging of the show was listed. Among the information was the cast list, with my name in it! :eek: :cool: :smiley:

So, Hey! There I am on the internet!

I would *not *have chosen that outfit…

I checked the street view for my place.

Now, I live in the middle of nowhere, and I had a old muscle car that hid in the garage for over 20 years. It maybe saw the light of day once every 2 or 3 years for maybe an hour, just to hose off the dust.

Street view not only caught that exact day and time, but also my wife walking across the yard.


Not Google related, I also ended up, TWICE, in the photo booklet for my favorite band’s live album.

I can die happy now.

Looks more like a Nissan.

Ford? Ford Prefect?!?

Why…he’s not from anywhere NEAR Scottsdale!

And here I thought that would be nicely inconspicuous…

I’m on Bing Maps streetview, waiting outside the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas.

Is it not snfaulkner? :confused:

Liable to cause a bit of confusion!

Yeah, but who uses Bing?

Quite honestly, if I hadn’t seen their streetview car driving by that day taking the photos, I probably wouldn’t even know it existed.