There's mayo on my keyboard

But the potato salad’s done, also the fruit salad and the ham-cream cheese dip.

Hubby’s stepkids are coming and I’m ready for 'em.

We’re also having locally smoked baked ham with pineapple-raisin sauce, prime rib (with au jus, of course), sweet & sour carrots, deviled eggs, smokies in BBQ sauce, raisin cream pie and caramel apple pie. The usual olives, pickles, etc. too.

Could not bring myself to rise at 8 and stick my hands into a cold bird, then fret over stuffing, potatoes, gravy, etc.

I’m just waiting for the first one who says “where’s the pumpkin pie” or “are there onions in this?”

Can I just eat, and then spend the day with you guys?

Oh, is this that ‘Thanksgiving’ malarkey you foreigners get up to? Save me some dark meat.

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Gotta love those Li’l Smokies! Best to put rum in the sauce. Yummy

“Teaching without words and work without doing are understood by very few.”
-Tao Te Ching

This is probably not the place but can you guys share some recipes for the Lil Smokies in barbeque sauce with me. (By e-mail will be fine.) I know, get the sausages, put them in sauce, heat. But some people have different variations and I am looking for one to match a recipe I tried several years ago which was just amazing. Thanks in advance.

Born O.K. the first time…

If you are born again, do you have two belly buttons?

My hubby made two beautiful apple pies last night. I made the crust in the food processor (it takes literally 5 minutes; food processors are great), and he did everything else. He’s going to make a pumpkin pie when he gets home tonight, from our Halloween pumpkin, and maybe a pecan pie too. I’m making the stuffing tonight, too, and probably the cranberry relish.

Mmmmmm. I love Thanksgiving.

There’s mayo on my keyboard
There’s joy in my heart
Hubby’s stepkids are coming
And dinner will be art

To hell with a turkey
mashed potatoes too
we’re having ham with sweet sauce
and prime rib au jus

I hope no one wants to know
why I gave the pumpkin pie the ax
I’m tired of recycled jack-o-lanterns
that taste just like wax

If complaints about onions
leave me in a huff
I’ll finish up mightly quick
And join you in mundane pointless stuff