There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!!

I went to see it last night. Yes, it was made for kids, so it was light and fluffy. Yes the kid actors weren’t great.

But it don’t matter. This movie was great! If you liked Superman, you’ll get a kick out of it. If you hated Superman Returns, you’ll get a bigger kick out of it. Perhaps it would be a “save-for-DVD”, but it’s just worth watching. It warmed my heart.

“Beagle Routh!”

Does he keep the super pepper-up pill in his ring?

And if so, where does he keep a ring?

Underdog is not here.

'Cause, that sure ain’t him.

Hollywood pisses on our youth once again.

Love R, were you a fan of the old cartoon?

This movie may be the Gone With the Wind or the Citizen Kane of kid-friendly animal films, but I’ve seen nothing to convince me it’s a worthy film adaptation of “Underdog”.

Don’t you wish you were at the meeting where that idea got the green light?

There was a meeting? I thought it was just two drunk movie executives hanging a few titles on the pub’s dartboard.

“OK, OK, <snort>, we’ve got Care Bears Forever, Underdog, and Dudley Dooright 2: Dud Harder. Pass me the dart, and we’ll see which one of these fuckers gets greenlighted!”

I’m with Bosda. That is not underdog. That’s not even Astro.

I don’t mean to pile on Love Rhombus, but I agree with the others, this is *NOT *my underdog!

All right then, oh wise and munificent sages, what is YOUR Underdog? I’d forgotten how deep and rich the story of a flying super-dog was, how it was a cornerstone of American culture. Would you have actually preferred a cartoon version? It has Patrick Warburton in it as Cad! That’s gotta add value! It’s Ultimate Underdog!

The Dope is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
It maketh me to know good stuff.
It leadeth me to the True Vision.
It restoreth me in the paths of righteousness in Cecil’s name.
Yea as I walk through through Valley of the Shadow of Hollywood,
I shall fear no evil, for Thy Ideas and Thy Faith they comfort me.
Thou preparest for me a film in the presence of mine enemies.
Thou fill up my head with pop culture, my brains runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Geek for ever.

And yes, it’s not perhaps the 80’s title I would have picked to redo, but it could have been worse. It could be this. I liked it, a lot. If you didn’t, that’s your right, but I feel you’re making a mistake in blithely dismissing it out of hand. Look at Transformers-I’m sure lots of people were disappointed that it wasn’t another cartoon movie, but it was great, if not totally faithful to the source material in all respects. And I regret the extra exclamation point in the title. I don’t know what came over me.

Wow, I kinda lost it there. Sorry.

You misspelled “Spielberg”.

Well for a week or so, anyway. After that, I’m gonna start charging you rent. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I would so watch Teddy Ruxpin kick ass. I mean, I wouldn’t pay to watch it, but I’d Tivo it when it came on cable in a second.

I would have preferred a straight animated adaptation of the original Underdog show. I wouldn’t even mind if it were CGI, (like Over The Hedge) as long as it stayed true to the spirit of the original. Which was a 1960’s show, and not 80’s, by the way. I’m sure they could have found voice actors who can passably imitate Wally Cox and the rest of the cast. I agree with almost everyone else who posted here. They pissed on my youth, and I’ll pass on this one.

Between this and the atrocious-looking Alvin and the Chipmunks, I have to ask: did Jason Lee lose a bet?

I’m gonna wait 'til it comes out on video*… and then not rent it.

*should take about a week

The whole problem is that Underdog (the real Underdog) is a dog the way Goofy is a dog, not a dog the way Pluto is a dog.

I am very sorry, and this is NOT a trolling thread. Please take into account that I am in the middle of the pacific ocean and we don;t get the latest until…well, whenever.

There is an Underdog movie. Does it have the same — feel of the original series, with all that that inspires, or is it a very lame live-action flick like “The Cat in the Hat” with Carrey (an actor that I do respect) playing some kind of Hollywood abortion that does not even look like the original?

Edumacate me, because I grooved on the original, campy cartoon!

It has none of the feel of the original series. It is not like “The Cat In The Hat,” however. It does not have a human actor in a costume playing some kind anthropomorphic animal whatsis. It is live action, with human actors and actual dogs. Underdog/Shoeshine is a pet dog that is supposed to have the intelligence and speaking abilities of a human. CGI is used to give the illusion that the dog’s mouth moves when he speaks (with the voice of Jason Lee) and also used to depict his powers such as flight.

I have not seen it, so I can’t fairly say it is a lame Hollywood abortion. However, the advertisements I’ve seen on TV do not in any way make me want to see it.

I loved the cartoon when I was a kid- had the T-shirt and the coloring books and the lot. Came really close to buying a bobblehead recently. I couldn’t believe they went live action.

I’m also sad that as talented an actor as Peter Dinklage is he has to settle for playing Simon Bar Sinister (a character whose cooly allusive name I didn’t get until I wrote my history thesis many years later).

But, maybe for Netflix.

Though Jim Carrey’s name was kicked around for the role early on, the part ultimately went to Mike Myers.

What city does the actual movie take place in?
I’ve seen billboards with either the San Francisco or New York City skyline on it.

I’ll go see it if it has a Go Go Gophers episode included.