These are a few of my favorite (comfort) things

Inspired by Zette’s Pissy Day Rant, I wondered, what are everyone’s comfort foods/ items when they’ve just been through the meat grinder? We’ve all been there, crappy day at the office driving home your only focus after attending family matter ( if applicable) is to put on, curl up, eat this…to ease your crummy day.

I’ll start:

Nothing beats a piping hot cup of tea for me. I use to reach for the grilled cheese, nachoes and/or chocolate, but that is really fattening. Tea fills me up and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside while forcing me to slow down and relax.

For comfort clothing, it is a pair of sweat pants and sweat shirt along with my birk clogs. I look like a bag lady and I don’t care.

For comfort items: on a really bad day its a really hot bath followed by a long fetal position curl up with my comfort pillow, the buckwheat hull pillow. Oh, and my sound machine that makes a variety of noises
( rain, ocean waves, summer nights, white noise…etc) I can’t sleep without it since receiving it two years ago as a gift for my to be born child.

Comfort food: Chocolate

Clothes: Sweatpants, socks, and one of my REALLY soft fuzzy shirts from Lerner’s. I only paid $9 for each since they have really good clearance sales. I bought 4 of them. Best $32 I’ve ever spent on clothes.

I also like a hot shower after a particularly stressful day.


  • my punching bag
  • my concrete slab holders

Notes: with the above, nothing beats beating the stuffing out an inanimate objects or breaking a few boards to relieve some stress.

  • my handy dandy nifty saying file


  • a nice cold glass of Diet Pepsi (alright alright … a few nice cold glasses of Diet Pepsi)
  • something so spicy that it practically burns my lips off. Heh, nothing takes your mind off everything else like practically burning your lips off


  • nothing comes to mind


  • Blue Monday '88 by New Order (music)
  • Sanctuary CD (music)
  • Fairy in the Woods CD (music)
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul (book)
  • Total Annihilation (computer game)

Notes: With regards to this last one. It is not uncommon to hear me chanting “Blow something up, blow something up” when I getting ready to play a game AND I am frustrated. This is why I refuse to look up how to make a bomb. You can thank me later.

It’s bernard, just under new management

I like to turn on the TV, and watch the news. Reminds me that no matter how crappy a day I’ve had, other people have had crappier ones.

While I’m watching the news, I like to eat Cinnamon Grahams, right out of the box, no milk.

I like to wear the loosest clothing I can find. Being eight months pregnant, tight clothing is not an option. But even when I’m not pregnant, I like to just get into my jammies & kick back. I’ve got a very comfy set that my dad gave me last Christmas, but they don’t fit me right now. One of my husband’s T-shirts usually does the job quite nicely.

clothing: hospital scrubs
men’s pajamas
men’s boxer shorts
anything flannel
my favorite pair of fitted knitted socks

walking around the house naked

walking around the house wearing a sheet

watching the movie Princess Bride

eating a bowl of oreo cookies with milk

cuddle with a cat

making love on a hammock

OfficeGirl in action

“Argue for your limitations; sure enough, they’re yours.”

The afgan my mom crocheted(sp), my waterbed (may it R I P ), a trashy novel, a cold drink, with ice, in a tall glass, popcorn, (sour cream & chives flavor)& lots of butter.

A hug from frankie…I say I love you, he replies (arms stretched wide)“Thissss Much!”

A back/foot rub, a silly comedy, watched in bed, held close by someone special.

Candles(scented), and lots of bubbles in a hot hot bath, until you are pruny, and take the above mentioned drink, popcorn, novel in there too…

Lets all do something nice for ourselves this weekend! We deserve it.

Kelli **

I am with you Kelli … Total Annihilation here I come!

It’s bernard, just under new management

Food: Garlic mashed potatoes, rice, or french fries with gravy. Sushi. Grilled chicken Caesar salads. 5-way chili. French dip sandwiches. Tomato soup. Chocolate pudding. Couscous with toasted pine nuts. Buffalo wings, extra well-done, with tons of bleu cheese and celery. Swedish meatballs. Matzo ball soup. Anything Thai or Indian. Hot toasted bagels with tons of cream cheese.

Eye candy: The Simpsons. The Shawshank Redemption. When Harry Met Sally. Men’s tennis with Patrick Rafter. Golf with Tiger Woods. Any football. Just Shoot Me. Whose Line is it Anyway? (both versions).

Ear candy: Indigo Girls. Radiohead. Alice in Chains. Foo Fighters. Edwin McCain. Cake. Faith No More.

Grilled cheese
Chicken Pot Pie (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)


Noir films (anything with Bogie)
Epics (Lawrence of Arabia, Gone with the Wind)

other things:
naps on the couch in the sunshine
my purple velvet comforter
a roaring fire, a bottle of wine and a book

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

A couple years ago when I found myself living alone post-divorce and also in a rather difficult relationship, I used to buy a nice, cold bottle of white wine, and throw one of my favorite movies in ( Lawrence of Arabia as mentioned above was a good choice ) put on my sweats and order a pizza. Usually by 9:30 or 10:00 I’d turn the movie off, and lay flat on my back on my living room floor (no furniture post-divorce) and put on an Opera CD full blast and drink more wine.

Must have worked, because now when my life is all tidy and in order I miss the alone-ness that led to doing things like that. I could do it now, but it wouldn’t be the same.

After a particularly lousy day, I usually just crawl under the covers and hide from the world. I just take everything off and get under the covers with a book and the remote control. Cuddles work wonders, too.

As for food, I’ll just grab whatever’s in the fridge…not necessarily a good idea. :wink:

And when it’s been a day from hell, I blast AC/DC’s “Back in Black” CD. FTW! :smiley:

I prefer rogues to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest.
Alexandre Dumas the Younger (1824-1895)

Comfort food: french toast w/syrup. Oatmeal with lots of butter, brown sugar and cream. Macaroni and cheese.

Comfort things: my pillow on the couch with all the lights off and a comfy blanket. Hot bath, the kind that make you sweat and turn red. Sauna out at my dad’s (he built a real Finnish sauna-makes sense since we’ve Finnish ancestory). A warm kitty curled up next to you, purring.

And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss
of one weak creature makes a void in any heart, so
wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth
of vast eternity can fill it up!
-Charles Dickens “Dombey and Son”

Oh yes, Bunnygirl, saunas! I forgot that! My parents have one at their cabin, and I love the damn thing. Authentic Finnish, pronounced sow-na.

Grilled cheese samitches
Applesauce or hot sliced apples with cinnamon

Freshly ground hazelnut coffee, black.
Chocolate milk or hot cocoa with marshmallows
Hot apple cinnamon tea
Black coffee with a splash (sometimes a slosh) of Kahlua

Ever After, Shakespeare in Love, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Spitfire Grill, Anastasia

Tori Amos, Poe, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Billie Holiday, Dave Matthews Band, Alana Davis, Fiona Apple

Hanging out with Byron and/or my best friend in the kitchen or on the patio, chatting and watching the kid(s) play in the backyard.

Sitting in a dim living room, listening to one of my favourite CDs at a low volume, reading a book or writing.

Cuddling up with Byron on the couch after Bowen has gone to bed and watching a movie or chatting.

Sitting in a completely black living room, listening to one of my favourite CDs at a low volume, letting my thoughts drift wherever they may.

Soaking in a nearly overflowing bubble bath, with candles all around and low music, letting my thoughts drift wherever they may.

Most comforting of all: Walking around inside my house when it’s perfectly clean and organized, and playing with Byron and Bowen outside in a freshly mowed and weeded backyard. Gives off the feeling that everything is under control, which makes relaxing SO much easier.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Comfort food—

Unsure…beer and Cheetos

Beer, it’s not just for breakfast anymore :slight_smile:

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

I’m in total agreement with Bluepony on this one. After a bad day, nothing beats coming home, cracking open a cold one, and listening to Jimmy Buffett. He always puts me in a good mood.

Comfort items? A hug…

Brian O’Neill
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I also like to unwind by turning the lights off, lighting a couple of candles, put on a classical CD and do yoga. OMMMMMMMMMMMM

Yep, fetal position w/ pillow…but for some reason, talking to people when I’m really down makes things worse, even if they’re being really nice. So, as an odd twist, I usually talk to pillow. Boy, I’m scary…but hey, whatever works, eh?

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” --1984