A few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things (inaugural edition)

  1. Nubby wool furniture upholstery
  2. ipod shuffle discordant combos such as Gershwin followed by Ursula Rucker*
  3. Mandarin oranges
  4. Smokin’ hot 50-year-old women in cargo pants
  5. A freshly-mowed thick green lawn; bare feet
  6. Denver International Airport
  7. David Burnett’s Katrina aftermath photos in August National Geographic
  8. The actors on Law & Order: CI
  9. Cinnamon Altoids, three at a time

*I formerly hated this

  1. A huge booming thunderstorm
  2. Grocery shopping after 11:00PM.
  3. Spending the night on the couch watching Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, Captain Scarlet, or Thunderbirds - and reading a book
  4. Disney.
  5. Listening to books on my Zen Nano.
  6. Spending my lunch hour in the little grassy area behind the shopping plaza.
  7. Playing either CoH or WoW.
  8. Old Bookstores
  9. Hampton Beach, the Regal Inn, Roller Bingo, the Arcade, The Whale’s Tale.
  10. Staying up all night talking to my grandpa.
  11. Staying up all night LISTENING to my grandpa.
  1. my dark red velveteen pimp couch
  2. a freshly-made bed
  3. that very favorite song that comes on just when you are on a beautiful stretch of highway
  4. to quote Troy in Reality Bites: “the moment laughter becomes a cackle”
  5. that first plunge into water on a hot day
  6. nearing your destination on a long road trip to see old friends
  7. making an excellent joke in front of your crush
  8. kudos from your boss
  9. the energy of a project that grabs your imagination
  1. Naps, and
  2. Sleeping in on weekends
  3. Snuggling with one of my dogs
  4. A good meal,
  5. Especially when chocolate and/or red wine is involved. Cheese is great too.
  6. Butterflies
  7. Bird and frog song
  8. Reading a really good book
  9. Jeans that make my butt look smaller than it really is (a rare find!)
  1. being really sleepy, at home. I just love the feeling of being so sleepy that I can just go to bed and I know I’ll drift off immediately
  2. the perfectly poured pint of Guiness at a dive bar
  3. the feel of new sneakers
  4. my kitchen after I’ve spent hours cleaning it
  5. hearing my daughters breathing while they sleep
  6. being outside in jeans and flannel during late October
  7. driving during that 30 minutes that the sun is just over the horizon, there’s still ambient light but it’s not dark yet
  8. the feeling of satisfaction after I’ve built something in my house
  9. unscrewing the top off an Oreo so all the white filling remains on the bottom half, like in the commercials when I was a kid
  10. seeing my wife in a sundress

[li]Spree candies[/li][li]Rainy days, especially on a day off from work when I can enjoy it more[/li][li]Freshly fallen snow[/li][li]Thunderstorms, especially with frequent, vivid lightning[/li][li]A walk through a dense forest in the mountains, especially in autumn[/li][li]The sound of water flowing over rocks[/li][li]The smell of cedar[/li][li]Listening to several of my favorite songs, back-to-back[/li][li]Getting all green lights and no slowpokes getting in my way[/li][li]Having my cats rub up to me and purring[/li][li]Christmas Day[/li][/ul]

  1. warming up after being cold and wet
  2. peeling skin
  3. my cat snuggled up to me while
  4. I am reading a great book
  5. meeting someone with whom you automatically connect
  6. getting ready to go out and knowing you look great
  7. staring at a candle in the dark
  8. making love
  9. making love outside during a thunderstorm
  10. sharing a new favorite song with someone who just gets it
  1. House M.D.
  2. My husband’s kisses
  3. My manager
  4. My co-worker’s new pup, Kirby
  5. Baking sweets
  6. Talking to my brother
  7. The smell of my new moisturiser (it smells like a fresh, soft, soapy smell - I smell like I just stepped out of the shower for hours)
  8. My youngest cat snuggling up with me
  9. Long car rides by the water
  10. Devo
    No particular order.

In no particular order:

-The little tiny snore Mr. SCL makes when he’s really deep asleep
-Yogi running from the cat suite to our bedroom and hiding behind the headboard
-lunch with my library Director friend so we can bitch about City Council
-the smell of the ice when I get to the first game of hockey season
-the way the clematis I planted are growing up the front porch
-swimming at night
-when a bead design turns out better than I ever dreamed
-getting a book in the mail from PaperBackSwap
-green fried tomatoes

  1. Falling asleep while reading a book.
  2. Loud booming thunderstorms around noon.
  3. Taking long drives in overcast weather.
  4. Buying a used book and deciding where to put it my bookcases.
  5. Dropping a personal letter into a mailbox.
  6. Putting on a shirt fresh out of the dryer.
  7. Making someone smile.
  8. Walking through the rain without an umbrella.

[li]Sudoku – my new obsession[/li][li]Ace of Cakes – I think I’m in love with Chef Duff[/li][li]strawberry banana fruit smoothies at Sonic[/li][li]clean sheets and a worn quilt[/li][li]the approach of Fall[/li][li]art cards on eBay[/li][li]my dog, Zen, the multi-animal[/li][li]here[/li][li]the symmetry of only 9 list items[/li][/ol]

I’m sorry! Let me try again…

  1. Hi Opal!
  • Being in the middle of a really good book and knowing you’re only halfway through
  • A nice mug of hot, strong tea
  • The smell of a summer rainstorm after dry weather
  • Seeing a falling star
  • Puppies, especially their ears and tails
  • Finding exactly what you want, and it’s on sale
  • Getting into bed, with clean sheets on the bed, and after a shower
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Dragonflies
  • Singing along, loudly, in the car

A warm toilet seat.

  1. Getting into my bed when I’ve pre-heated it with the electric blanket;
  2. When my boss calls in sick;
  3. Olives;
  4. The sound of the piano in my new house - all echo-y as there’s floorboards throughout;
  5. Sharing any kind of meal with friends;
  6. Touring around to all of the second-hand record stores around town;
  7. Staying up late watching TV;
  8. Receiving emails from friends who live overseas.

-The sound of glass shattering
-A first kiss
-A campfire
-Time alone
-My job
-Old Navy jeans (thank you, Old Navy, for making them long and not ridiculously priced)
-A nice glass of wine, and nobody interrupting my enjoyment of it
-Day trips
-The beach
-Talking about real things, not just the same “how was your day” bs
-Giving and receiving a sincere compliment